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7 Ejaculations to keep God close to our hearts and their meaning

Ejaculations to God

Ejaculations are short prayers that allow the religious to feel the presence of God in their daily activities.

They are messages of love, verses that inspire encouragement, an expression of affection and mercy that can be used on any occasion.

These ejaculations are part of the making of the promesario, a small card holder in which the religious seeks the message of the creator.

Generally in homes it is used to start the day with a few verses, words that act as a behavioral guide.

Did you know these beautiful ejaculations?

1. Let's start serving, what we have done so far is little and nothing.

These words belonging to Saint Francis of Assisi constitute a message of encouragement towards life and the exploration and exploitation of new horizons and talents.

2. Sweet heart of Mary, prepare a safe path for me.

Saint Josemaría expressed the power of the Virgin Mother of Christ to dissipate the adversities of the path of man and in this way ensure that the human being reaches his destination safely.

3. Lord increase our faith.

The Apostles made it clear that without faith man would get nowhere, since this precious commodity is necessary to:

  • Go in search of what you want,
  • preserve what you have and
  • believe that a better future is possible and yet to come.

4. Most Sacred and Merciful Heart of Jesus, give us peace.

This ejaculation belongs to the prayers collected and evoked to the Sacred Heart of Jesus.

Image of the creator in which his love and sacrifice for the human race is exposed.

With this verse we seek to find peace, a virtue so necessary in these times where the world is going through such a turbulent moment.

5. Holy Mary, Mother of Beautiful Love, teach me to love.

Saint Josemaría asks with these words that humanity be granted the virtue of finding in love the inexhaustible source of all the spiritual riches that nourish the soul.

6. Jesus, Son of God, have mercy on me, I am a sinner.

Confession is the sacred act in which we seek forgiveness of sins by giving our repentance to God, to find inner peace and guide our steps on the correct path.

7. May everything sink except my prayer.

San Alberto Hurtado makes clear with this intervention the importance of sustaining faith and prayer over adversity, since prayer saves and reaffirms the will to fulfill the plan of Christ.  

Meet other beautiful prayers to bless the whole week:

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