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The Yoruba Hierarchy What role does man play within the Osha?

Yoruba hierarchy

The Yoruba Religion, specifically the branch known as Osha-Ifá has a hierarchical order established by the presence of supreme gods endowed with the virtue of creation.

Subsequently we must quote the Orishas, saints who are endowed with supernatural powers, which are associated with natural elements from which they obtain power and strength.

The Eggunes are the third link of command, these entities represent the ancestors, who are in charge of guiding the path of humans.

The latter occupy the fourth hierarchical place, in turn they are the Ifá priests the highest grade, these are considered dead among the living and living among the dead.

They follow the obas, who are the highest-ranking male santeros, are succeeded by human beings who have Osha crowned depending on their age as a saint and religious knowledge.

Then we place the religious who have washed saints, others who have only received some powers, those who have the hand or the crown of Orula, the devotees who have welcomed the warriors and finally those who treasure faith, but have not yet been consecrated in any spirituality.

Olodumare the Supreme Orisha:

God Olodumare

Olodumare is the creator of the universe and father of the human race.

This is not represented, nor does it have human attributes, it is accompaniedaña of Olorun who embodies the sun and of Constitution.

It is believed that these entities make up a trilogy, on other occasions they are described fused obtaining power from a single energy.

It is omnipresent and omnipotent. He is the knower of all the secrets of the world and of all the force of nature.

Orishas, ​​deities of foundation within of the Osha:

Elder Orishas

The Orishas are the guardians of universal destiny, on their back they carry the hope and faith of the human race who venerate them through rituals, prayers, immolations and other types of offerings.

African deities owe their powers to the virtue of Olodumare and the five natural elements:

  • Water,
  • the fire,
  • the land,
  • the air and
  • the ether.

The latter is related to the spirituality given off by the souls who abandon their earthly captivity.

Eggunes, represent the past, the present and the future

Yoruba Eggun

These entities are the representation of the ancestors of each human being.

They are in charge of looking after their proteges, sometimes providing advice and solutions to solve their problems.

What role does man play within Osha?

babalawo orula

Human beings are the only ones empowered to worship the Orishas and they are the object of their existence, some would not exist without the others.

The man in the Osha plays a leading role because it is precisely on him that the responsibility of paying tribute to the Orishas falls, who repay him with health and other interests that the human being yearns for.

Plants and animals, ritual elements:

Oshún plants

Plants and animals are ritual elements within the Yoruba Religion.

They are not only a source of food for man and the Orishas, ​​because thanks to these the deities are nourished by spirituality and power, being able to perform multiple rituals and invocations.

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