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In Ika Ejiogbe he lost the Jicotea for trusting and NOT complying with Orula

Jicotea Ika Ejiogbe

In Ika Ejiogbe the jicotea and the eagle were enemies, the odun relates that the eagle continually stalked the jicotea to eat it.

Multiple were the attempts of the feathered beast against the Ayapa, on one occasion it descended from the top of a slope attacking it.

When the jicotea felt the danger, it hid within its carapace, forming a protective shield that prevented the bird from devouring it.

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Pataki where the jicotea did not make Ebbó and the Ifá prophecy was fulfilled

The harassment by the eagle was so much that the jicotea, in a desperate attempt to obtain peace, went to the house of orunmila so that the oracle of Ifá could help her to solve the dilemma.

Orula consulted the Ayapa marking the odun Ika Ejiogbe, the soothsayer advised the jicotea that:

She should not be trusted because the enemy was closely stalking her and wanted to destroy her, so Ifá recommended that she make an ebbó to counteract the arrival of the osogbos in her life.

The jicotea, who was very trusting, was not able to contemplate the danger that was pouncing on her, so, ignoring the words of the Orisha, she decided to put aside the realization of the ebbo that would save her.

On one occasion the jicotea was ambushed by the eagle, he swore that he wanted to make peace with her and thus settle their differences once and for all.

The jicotea seemed good to try to find harmony and accepted the words of the bird.

When the enemy lurks, ebbó should be done to counteract the arrival of osogbos

As the days went by, the eagle invited his new friend to take a walk in the heights and, as expected, the Ayapa accepted, climbing on the eagle's back.

When the jicotea climbed over the eagle, she noted with fear that it was reaching a great height, but she remained silent.

After a long time just when the Ayapa was comfortable, the bird closed its wings and swooped down.

With this action, the jicotea fell and after a fierce impact, its carapace was discarded on the ground.

Then the eagle came down to consume the jicotea as he had planned from minute zero when he met her.

The jicotea died for being trusting, this being its great downfall.

In this way, the Ifá prophecy was fulfilled where Orunmila warned him of the danger of trusting enemies because this action was a double-edged sword.

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