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Leading the way with the Jimaguas Ibeyis: Offerings for abundance

Jimaguas Offerings

Many times we make yellow rice with chicken at home and to take advantage of that succulent dish we can also offer to our ibeyis, the powerful orishas twins of the Yoruba religion and thus thank them for their blessings.

This Addimú is quite simple, and before serving everyone in the house, you take out your portion of rice to offer to the beautiful Ibeyis. And if you can entertain Eleggua They will also thank you since this dish is also very popular with the orisha of the roads.

The lesser Orishas, ​​the two children who defeated the devil with music and dances at the foot of their drums, these are the Jimaguas or Ibeyis. Deities who personify luck, fortune and stability in life, and who are children of the warlike Shango and the sweet Oshun.

Addimú of yellow rice with chicken dedicated to the Ibeyis

Jimaguas Chicken rice offerings

This addimú (offering) can be offered for development, tranquility and harmony, also to open paths to prosperity.

The Ibeyis are offered separately, but always in even numbers. The Jimaguas are very gluttonous and sweet, they will love this offering.


  • Green plantain, viand or male
  • 2 Jícaras or 2 small white plates
  • Yellow rice with chicken
  • Corojo butter
  • 4 or 8 guinea peppers
  • 4 or 8 kernels of roasted corn
  • Popcorn (popcorn)
  • Honey bee
  • 2 candles
  • 4 cents

How do we prepare this offering for the Jimaguas?

  1. You take the gourds or white plates and serve the yellow rice.
  2. Additionally, fry some ripe plantains and on top of the rice you will put 2 or 4 pieces of fried plantains on each plate.
  3. On top of the bananas you will put a little corojo butter, a guinea pepper and a toasted corn kernel.
  4. On top you add cornbread and honey.
  5. You light the candles to the Ibeyis, ask for their blessing and give knowledge of your Addimú either out of gratitude or a particular request.
  6. You will have that Addimú for 2 days and then you deposit it in a palm with 4 cents, 2 cents for each of the Orishas.


The Ibeyis really like lemonade so you can also get down to business and prepare this delicious drink on their behalf. 

Many blessings for you and that in this offering you find the blessing that you desire, remember to do the work with great faith and heart. Ashé.

A powerful work that you can also do to the Ibeyis is the following:

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