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Meaning of the Jimaguas Ibeyis in Santeria

Jimaguas meaning santeria

The Ibeyis or Jimaguas they are lesser Orishas, ​​but no less powerful for that.

They personify the fortune in life, the luck that is obtained and prosperity, they are able to save from death, darkness and evil. They are found on the paths of the mountains and there they protect walkers against all kinds of danger.

One of the most important symbols of the Ibeyis are the little drums, with their cunning and magic they defeated the devil Abita. They can be represented by various combinations of figures, one female and one male, two male or two female.

The Ibeyis, the twins or twin Orishas, ​​are by nature protectors of all children, they live at the top of the palm and are the darlings of all the other Orishas.

Their Ashé and power can help us overcome bad spells in life, and we also ask for protection for the little ones at home, as they ward off evil and provide prosperity and abundance.

It is said that twins above all should show them their whole life devotion, so that they protect and guide them.

The Ibeyis are exceptionally powerful and can divine the future, stop or cause the rain, eliminate ailments, and bring luck, bliss, money, and fortune.

The story of when lThe Ibeyis defeated the devil Abita

The ibeyis in Santeria
Children of Shangó and Oshún, raised by Yemayá. They are also believed to be children of Oyá

In Yoruba legends it is said that the Ibeyis played some magical little drums that he had given them Yemayá the goddess of the sea, his adoptive mother, at a time when men were very frightened, saying that Abita, a malevolent being compared to the devil, had set traps on all the roads and ate all the humans who fell into them.

Then the Ibeyis, decided to stop the malevolent Orisha and Taewo, the eldest, took one of those paths, while Kainde followed him hidden in the thicket.

Taewo was playing his little drum and Abita He was enthralled and began to dance to the music.

When Taewo got tired, Kainde, the youngest, left the forest and took his place without the evil being noticing.

And although Abita he was already very tired, he couldn't stop dancing while the magic drums were beating.

When the devil fell exhausted, the Ibeyis made him swear that he would remove all traps and thus, saved the men in the land from evil.

For this reason the Ibeyis or Jimaguas are synonymous with luck and prosperity, revered as saviors who ward off death and evil from the world.

Meaning of the name of the Jimaguas:

The eldest of the sacred twins is called Taiwo, which is a name formed by the contraction of the phrase To-aiyo-wo (the first to savor the world), while the second is called Kehinde, a name that comes from the phrase Ko -ehin-de (the one who comes after another person).

Powers attributed to both Orishas:

Ibeyis Jimaguas

It is believed that they are not properly divinities, but twins invested with extraordinary powers, which makes them exceptional beings who can work wonders such as:

  • guess the future,
  • create abundance through the rain,
  • cure ailments that are suffered,
  • bring luck, money and happiness, and if they so wish they can also harm those who violate their whims.

What spiritual gifts do the Ibeyis possess that can help us?

  • The Jimaguas bring luck in everything, both in love life, familiar, of your business, your personal affairs and management.
  • The Ibeyis will provide you with the Light and Well-being that you need in your life, they are providers of balance.
  • They provide fortune and economic abundance, success in business and jobs, they bring their daily bread.
  • They will fight for you and also to avoid harm, evil and disease.
  • They are vigilantes, they will bring victories to your life, whether in love, work, family, act in your favor in the law and legal processes.
  • Against enemies and rivals it will provide you protection, they are defenders of good and act against evil, envy and the evil eye.
  • The Jimaguas are experts in opening their ways to financial development and material comfort.
  • Maintaining and safeguarding the fortune you already have is one of its missions.

Offerings and Prayers to the Ibeyis to ward off evil and preserve happiness

Offering to Ibeyis Jimaguas
One of the offerings that the Jimaguas like the most is yellow rice

The Ibeyis, although they are mischievous Orishas, ​​they like displays of respect, faith and devotion. For this reason, it is necessary to pray to them and confess our doubts and fears, and our deepest wishes in a quiet and secluded place, in front of a preferably white candle.

There we talk to them about our fears and hopes and call them to ward off the bad and help us overcome the difficulties that life imposes on us. They can also bring us fortune and better luck if they consider that we are worthy of their support.

To pray to them we must bear in mind that all kinds of fruits are offered to them, such as:

  • Mamey from Santo Domingo
  • Canister
  • Guava
  • Anon
  • Soursop
  • Orange
  • Mango
  • Pineapple
  • platanillo
  • Baby

And other foods like candy, yellow rice and popcorn.

Chickens and pigeons are sacrificed to him and his Ewe (herbs) are hicaco, corn, mamoncillo, stick paste, cat's tail, sago, sapote, tomato, custard apple, sarsaparilla and the sacred and powerful Rompesaragüey.

Prayers to Saints and Orishas

History of Saint Cosmas and Saint Damien
San Cosme and San Damiano

They greet each other with great respect saying: Ibeyi oro alakúa oyé oyé mojojó!

The Ibeyis according to their catholization are compared with San Cosme and San Damiano, the holy doctors for that reason many of their prayers were syncretized. They are prayed to win, to fight diseases, against chains and prisons, etc.

Brothers Cosme and Damien, twins of the family distinguished by the Christian profession that made you so valuable in heaven, intercede with Jesus our Lord so that my desire may be satisfied and that I may obtain divine grace in all its great extension.

I humbly ask you with the greatest devotion, since in our passage through the earth to so many sick people and powers of spirit you gave back the health and strength of which they were needed, enlighten my soul so that I can achieve the fervor that I ask of you.

Your miraculous influence, beacon of light that guides the lost in the sea of ​​life, I am sure it will strengthen my soul, so that I can live with the hope of heaven.

Cosme and Damien, keep away from me all the bad influences, both moral and material, that threaten me and welcome me with the same mercy that you welcomed even your enemies.! ..

Even beyond death my spirit will be grateful, blessed with your power, with God our Lord. Amen.

Prayers in Yoruba dedicated to the Jimaguas:

We can also invoke and request the assistance of the Ibeyis through a prayer in Yoruba, so that they listen to us and offer us their support in need:

  • This is the prayer in Yoruba to invoke the Jimaguas

«Ibeyi oro awa keke sugboa agba

Nitoriti otan kuelu na choro trembles Laiyé nifa Oggún si na ebita kiko yiofé ri Mayi kueye sugbon ba si kaidé ati

Itawo meyi na keke ati agba na Ibeyi Wa Ologbo afefe Ibeyi ke waile elewe Wile alakisa, Babó ayé nijin labi

Gbogbo shiré Modupue Ibeyi»

Beautiful rituals that you can dedicate to the Jimaguas:

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