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the oath of Aña ► The Orisha who habita in the "Bata Drum"

oath of Aña

Aña It is an essential part of nature., its essence is interrelated with wood, an element with which its representation is made.

For this reason it is believed that he is a deity who established pacts yesterday with Osain the Herb Orisha who is considered part of the earth itself.

Olodumare granted to Aña the virtue of communicating with all the Orishas, ​​a mission that he carries out through the sound of the batá drum, since his spirit habita inside said instrument, through its music it summons the Yoruba deities to come down to earth.

Music and its power in the Osha

It is valid to emphasize that music within the Yoruba Religion occupies a primordial role.

Their presence is necessary in the performance of rituals, consecrations and in the festivities dedicated to the Orishas and the Eggunes, so the presence of Aña is fundamental.

This deity makes hearts happy while creating life, Aña It is the saint who grants his blessing through percussive music.

How are consecrated men named? Aña?

The men who have been consecrated to beat the Batá drum are appointed priests of Aña or Omoalañas.

These are the only religious who have the power to exercise this function. 

What is the Oath of Aña?

the oath of Aña is the ceremony by which the priests of Aña they are consecrated under their doctrine, being allowed through this the exercise of the call to the Orishas through the musical touch.

To carry out this, some herbs are required such as:

  • The Alacrancillo,
  • the Alamo,
  • Basil,
  • the cotton,
  • the white Bledo,
  • the Canutillo,
  • the Cordoban,
  • the Curujey,
  • the flower of water,
  • Peony and
  • Prodigious among others.

Each of these plants fulfills a function and is a link with the Orishas and their powers, it also requires the performance of animal immolations, which are linked to secret ceremonies.

The presentation ceremony of the Iyawó before Aña.

When the iyawó initiated in the rule of santeria is consecrated in the Osha it is necessary that he be presented before Aña, the Orisha that habita inside the batá drum, so that in this way it is recognized by all the Orishas.

This being one of the ceremonies to perform during that first year of religious life.

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