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Ogbe Osa ► The Ifá where Kawó Silé is sacrificed ram

Kawó Silé in Ogbe Osa

Through this path the life of the monkey, the liana, the ceiba, the ram and Kawó Silé the Orisha of fire.

These five characters were friends, who shared a lot in common.

Pataki where treason is punished by Shango

At the time in which this pataki developed, there were many warlike conflicts on earth.

The obba of the kingdom where Kawó Silé lived had the belief that by sacrificing the monkey all problems would be solved and peace would re-exist.

The ram who was his friend decided to conspire against him, as the king had offered a significant sum of money to whoever brought him the subject in sacrifice..

As the days went by, the search and capture of the monkey became more interesting and almost the entire town had been prosecuted in the fulfillment of this task.

Lies and deception have very short legs

Then the ram began to look for a way to get ahead of his opponents and asked the king to manage a box and some gold bracelets, objects that he would use as a decoy to capture the monkey.

When he was in front of the monkey, he showed him the contents of the box. Curiously, he jumped on it and inadvertently fell into it.

The ram quickly closed the box and as he needed something to tie it up, he asked for the help of the liana in exchange for a few gold coins.

On the way to the palace the ram passed by the path where the ceiba tree was, the monkey who had not been satisfied with what happened did nothing but cry and scream.

Shango does justice for the disloyalty of the ram Treachery is paid!

Suddenly the sacred tree of Osha heard the desperate pleas of the monkey and secretly sent a message to Kawó Silé to intercede on behalf of his friend the monkey.

The Orisha of fire was enraged upon knowing the patrañas plotted against the monkey and launched one of his rays on the box that the ram was carrying, breaking the vine to pieces.

The monkey after the roar jumped out.

Then Kawó Silé took the ram and brought it to the king, making the deal with him that if he sacrificed the ram to him he would eradicate the war and so it happened.

From that day on, there were no more conflicts in the town and from then on they began to slaughter Shango's ram.

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