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10 Characteristics of Kobayende: The God of Disease in Palo Monte

Kobayende Stick

Kobayende in the Rule of Palo Mayombe He is the God of Death and disease, and is also known by other names such as:

  • Leg wound
  • Tata pansua
  • Tata Nfumbe, Tata Funde and Tata Fumbe
  • pungun futila
  • Tata Kaneñe
  • Cubayende

What is asked of the Kobayende spirit?

Kobayende is asked in Palo Monte to ward off evils and pests and also misery.

These days a lot is prayed to this God of Mayombe diseases, to protect families and not allow the pandemic to penetrate homes.

He is said to be highly honored and respected for his miracle cures and warding off evils.

What characterizes this powerful force in El Palo?

  1. Your name means "Leg wound" and its representation is always associated with pests and infectious diseases.
  2. Guinea pig hides in the solitude and the darkness of the night.
  3. He is wise, old, and trembles with pain, as several sores cover his legs.
  4. It maintains the balance of the world. Kobayende is considered Zarabanda's replacement when he retires to rest.

The God of Death then becomes the king of the mountains and is in charge of watching over nature. At night, the mountain is called "Reino de Cubayende".

  1. It is believed that this Mayombe god establishes the harmony of nature with man, making the air of the countryside cleaner, that the crops bear excellent fruits and that happiness reaches homes.
  2. It is also responsible for feeding the four cardinal points to balance them and create the protection of the planet.
  3. Kobayende in Palo Mayombe, is syncretized with Babalú Ayé, Orisha of Pests and diseases in the rule of the Ocha. Both figures are related to the Catholic figure of Saint Lazarus.
  4. According to legend, Kobayende and Zarabanda (Ogún in the Yoruba pantheon) maintain the balance of the world.

These gods always work together so that order and harmony prevail in the natural world and also to help all those who work hard from day to day.

  1. The colors that represent this Mayombe energy is purple or purple.
  2. His date of celebration for his syncretism with Saint Lazarus is December 17.

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