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Who is Kobayende in the Rule of Palo Mayombe? The healing spirit


From Africa originates the religion of Palo Monte, which emanates from the Palo Mayombe of the Congos that arrived in Cuba at the time of the slave trade.

The Rule of Palo Monte is part of the religious vision created by thousands of women and men who many centuries ago were brought as slaves and who belonged to the great migrant families of the Bantu-speaking peoples.

Upon their arrival in Cuba, of course, as part of the transculturation, their cults, religions and traditions necessarily underwent modifications that are now part of their sacred and ancestral cult.

The main Congas Rules are:

1. Palo Monte or Mayombe:

It is the first Rule that is established in Cuba, they treat the energies of the spirits, they are very conservative and traditional.

It is characterized by having two ngangas, one for good and one for evil.

2. Briyumba Stick:

Born of the Mayombe Rule, it is Christian and syncretist. Their ngangas have dead and congo gods (npumgu).

The Briyumba terminology comes from a Congolese word that means Skull (Kryumba).

3. Kimbisa Rule of the Holy Christ of Good Trip:

Their ngangas are only used for welfare. In the XNUMXth century this rule was initiated and reorganized by Tata Andrés Facundo Christ of the Dolores Petit.

It contains elements of many of the religions and beliefs of Cuba such as Freemasonry, Osha Rule, Spiritism, Catholicism, Abakúa and many more.

The Rule of the Stick and its Mayomb Gods

Palo mayombe deities

The creator of the earth, the Supreme and owner of the heavens in the Rule of Palo Monte is Nzambi, Zambia.

The Mpungos they are the forces that provide divine heavenly light and blessings, they are guides, spirits and protectors who support and protect us always, they are demigods, so to speak,

Each of the mpungos that are worshiped has a secret and a ritual.

  • One of them is Kobayende also named Pata en Llaga.

Kobayende, the mighty walker of miraculous energy

Saint Lazarus costume
Representation of Saint Lazarus, in syncretism with Kobayende

Kobayende or Kubayende is a powerful force (mpungo), a wandering walker who heals and heals sores, leprosy, scabies, syphilis disease and skin diseases.

Kobayende is miraculous in his healings and knowledgeable about them.

Kobayende represents an indomitable spirit due to his great character and the strength that characterizes him.

According to the traditions of the Congo, Zambia entrusts Kobayende with the destiny of the Congo, who is the master of the nights, patron of the dead and in charge of the health of humans on earth.

Syncretism in Santeria or Osha Rule:

The deity Kobayende is highly respected and feared, in Cuba it is syncretized with Old Lazarus, the one who accompaniesañaof two dogs licking his sores and leaning on his crutches, which in turn is syncretized with the orisha of the Yoruba pantheon Babalú Ayé.

The importance of Cubayende in El Palo:

If this mpungo is not present in a Palo Monte foundation, said ceremony cannot be performed.

The spirits that are offered in the ceremonies of foundations, works or initiations of the Tatas (parents) to Kobayende are always spirits that are associated with diseases, both contagious and degrading.

They are spirits with diseases of the skin, blood, bones, that is, in general spirits that are sick and are in hospitals, nursing homes, those that are about to die, or spirits that are in swamps or in the mountain.

Kobayende greatly protects:

  • The underdog,
  • old people,
  • those who suffer from infections in the blood,
  • dogs,
  • the gravediggers.

Some attributes of Kobayende:

His deity is represented by an old man on crutches.

  • Identifying colors: Purple.
  • Preferred drinks: Dry white wine and milk for your dogs.
  • Herbs it works with: Apasote, Bitter Broom, Tengue, Alacrancillo, Sargasso, Taya, Caisimón, Ateje among others.
  • Mineral: Quartz
  • Condiments: Sesame or sesame seeds
  • Stick: Tallow Tree
  • Identification numbers: 11, 13 and 17
  • Celebration date: December 17 

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