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The Yoruba Association of Cuba closes its doors until further notice

Yoruba cuba association

These are difficult times for everyone, times in which we must remain calm, faithful and humble.

The Institution of the Yoruba Cultural Association of Cuba has reported today through its social networks that until further notice it closes its doors, due to the growth of Covid-19 cases in Havana.

The Institution joins in supporting the country in this fight that we are currently facing and also urge everyone to support and comply with the established regulations so that we can get out of this situation as soon as possible.

We must unite at the prayers of this sacred Association, to ask in a single thought the Supreme God Olodumare and the Orishas to protect us from the ravages that this pandemic is causing, from the diseases and misfortunes that it causes.

Informative Note of the Yoruba Association of Cuba:

Taking into account the increase and dispersion of COVID-19 cases in our Capital and that the relevant bodies decided to return to our province of Havana to the phase of limited autochthonous transmission, The Institution of the Yoruba Cultural Association of Cuba closes its doors to Starting today, Saturday, August 08, 2020, until the conditions guarantee the reopening, which will be informed by all our platforms.

We urge compliance with all the measures directed by MINSAP and the Civil Defense to prevent the spread and further human losses.

We pray to Olodumare and his Pantheon of Orisas for the health of the sick and for the rapid culmination of this pandemic.

As citizens, as religious, as parents, children and brothers, we must protect ourselves, take care of ourselves and do our bit for the health of all.

Today more than ever we must keep our faith, trust in the Orishas, ​​attend to them, pray to them and ask for the healing of Cuba and the world.

In such difficult moments let's try to stay strong, let's remember that the Orishas do not fail us, they are present at all times by our side.

Let us unite in one voice our faith so that our prayer for health and healing may be heard.

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