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Do you know which Spirits are NOT represented in the Spiritual Vault?

The spiritual vault

The spiritual vault It is the center of power, invocation and adoration of the souls that accompany us.añany guide our earthly steps from the parallel universe.

From this astral representation the energies of the deceased are nourished by strength and progress, a phenomenon that is mediated by:

  • Faith,
  • energy,
  • the sentences,
  • the flowers and
  • the guiding light emitted by the candle that is lit to attest to the sanctity of the act that the medium will commit at the beginning of each meeting.

Why are the spirits assisted in the vault?

One of the main objectives that pursues the assistance to the spirits in the determined scenarios that the religious possesses, is related to obtaining light or spiritual progress of the same.

This phenomenon is favorable for the entity because it allows it to find more quickly the peace that is obtained from eternal rest.

Some Spirits are NOT represented in the vault. Why?

The spiritual vault and its spirits

People who ended their existence:

People who for certain reasons decided to end their existence on the earthly plane by taking their own lives, should not be represented on the spiritual vault, because their astral matter is not ready for such a task.

Therefore, it takes a certain time to start invoking them as spirits, due to the unexpected way of their death.

Deaths naturally or violently:

Religious should not represent the deceased who have just fallen naturally or through a violent death, such as:

  • a traffic accident or
  • a vandalism.

The completion of a novena is first required in order to guide the soul in the first place to the realm of OlodumareFor only in this way will your spirit begin to adapt to its new way of existence.

Conflicting relationships on the earthly plane:

Human beings with whom we have not maintained good relationships in life should not be represented in our spiritual vault.

Incompatibilities of characters and their forced union with us can seriously damage the development of our day-to-day life, creating obstacles and conflicts that are difficult to handle.

Limited mental abilities:

People who have lived and died without the full use of their mental faculties and capacities should not be materialized on the spiritual table.

Its direct presence in this scenario could at first interfere with the astral order that is needed to establish communications with the afterlife.

Representations of other religions:

Santorales, Ifá or related representations of the Palo Mayombe should not be placed on the spiritual vault, since these deities will occupy a different method of representation that will be given to them through certain consecrations.

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