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Offer Pumpkin to Oshun with this powerful Prayer

Pumpkin for Oshun

The beautiful Oshún It is included among the best known and most devoted orishas of the believers and practitioners of Santeria, and is considered a crown and fan saint. She is queen, like the goddess Yemayá. Both reign over the waters and are possessors of immense wealth.

Ochún is given the title of Yalode, which means important lady and it is venerated with that name in the Osha rule. She is the symbol of sensual love and the most striking feminine characteristics and qualities.

Pumpkin for Oshun How does this sacred fruit help us?

Ochún is the owner of many plants, among which the pumpkin stands out, which some consider a fruit tree. This is the sacred plant dedicated to Oshún, and with its fruit works and offerings are made to ask the orisha to:

  • Bless you with lots of luck in love, motherhood and abundance
  • Support in a difficult economic situation
  • Protect from diseases of the belly and body
  • Open the paths of financial well-being by having an honest job

Among the fruit trees, Oshún is also the owner of the anón, the mango, the orange, the melon of Castilla, the star apple, the canistel, among others. All these fruits can be dedicated to him as offerings for requests for love, protection, prosperity, fertility and health.

Ochún's children do not eat pumpkin

But since the gourd is the sacred fruit of the Queen of the Rivers, the greatest prohibition to the omos of Ochún is to eat gourd.

There are several patakíes or legends that explain Oshún's affinity with this fruit. Some say that one day he decided to follow Orunmila's seduction attempts, despite the fact that he was the husband of Yemaya, his sister.

Upon finding out, the Orisha del Mar went out to look for them, but they hid inside a well full of pumpkins and she could not see them.

Another pataki indicates that Oshún and Shangó were very poor newlyweds. But one day they received a gift from Obbatalá, some gourds that the other orishas had rejected.

The couple, very happy, decided to make a delicious meal with them to satisfy their hunger for days. But when night came and when they cut the gourds, they were full of jewels and gold, so from that moment they were rich and never faced need again.

That is why the gourd is used as an offering to Oshún, mainly when you want to ask for economic well-being or to help us overcome a bad financial streak.

Powerful prayer dedicated to Oshun by offering pumpkin

Below we leave you some pumpkin rituals, but the easiest thing is to buy a very pretty pumpkin, the most perfect one you can find, and put it on Oshún in front or in his name, and with his hands spread honey on it, leave it 5, 15 or 25 days, but be sure to take it to the river or to the foot of a leafy tree before it rots or goes bad, the important thing is to take it to the Yoruba goddess to nature in perfect condition.

When making the offering light a white, yellow or gold candle, and in light of this pray with great faith this prayer:

Oh, splendid Oshun, goddess of sweetness and love, when I offer this gourd as a symbol of gratitude and devotion, I honor you with the nectar of my words.

You are like the gourd, generous and fertile, which nourishes those who welcome it into their bosom. Your presence is a golden spring, like the sun reflected in calm waters.

Like the pumpkin that is filled with life, your energy flows in every corner of my being, filling me with joy and vitality. You are the sweetness that sweetens my days and the passion that ignites my heart.

Dreams and illusions dance in your waters, like seeds that germinate and flourish. Your essence is a haven of hope and a balm for the thirsty soul.

Goddess Oshun, accept this humble present as a token of my admiration and gratitude. May the round shape of it and the golden flesh of it reflect my love and devotion to you.

May each cut on your skin be a symbol of liberation, leaving behind what no longer serves and opening space for new blessings. May this offering be a bridge that unites us in a sacred bond.

Oh Oshun, you are the soft and harmonious melody that surrounds my being. You are the dance full of grace and beauty that inspires my spirit.

May this gourd be the channel for my requests and wishes to reach you, so that your light floods my life and guides me in every step I take.

Oh, Oshun, sweet goddess of golden waters, accept my offering and bless my path with your love and generosity!

I share some rituals that you can do to accompanyañar this prayer Blessings.

3 Rituals with gourd dedicated to Oshun:

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