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The pumpkin and the wealth of Oshún and Shango, the Yoruba legend

Pumpkin to Oshún

It has always been said in the Yoruba religion that the pumpkin should not be eaten because it houses all the wealth in the world.

In addition, this fruit has a close relationship with the Orisha of Love, Oshun, who is put in offerings and addimús and prayed for material prosperity and love.

The pumpkin was the first Oshún lamp with which he cared for and protected pregnant women, it was also his piggy bank, its ancestral meaning hides many secrets, that is why it is sacred and highly respected in the Rule of Osha (Santeria).

We now present the patakí that explains Oshún's relationship with this powerful fruit and wealth:

Patakí de Oshún, Shango and the pumpkin

The beautiful Yoruba legends tell that there was a time when the Orishas lived in sumptuous palaces full of wealth and flaunted their prosperity.

And even the God Olofin He enjoyed the good and prosperous life and therefore every 8 moons he gave a party and invited all the Orishas to celebrate with them. To all who came he gave gold coins and jewels to increase their wealth.

But there was a couple of orishas for whom things were not going well. They were Oshún, the beautiful owner of the river and Shango, the king of thunder and fire, who lived in misery and did not want to visit Olofin's house, due to his economic situation.

Olofin's idea insults the Orishas

Olofin, aware of the couple's situation, decided to change the way of giving gifts. I wouldn't give away any gold coins or jewelry so they wouldn't be offended.

At the next Olofin party to take place, the Orishas dressed as always in their new and best clothes and went up for the celebration.

But when the host received them, he gave each one, to their surprise, a large pumpkin, which they should not reject as they could make the tall Orisha angry.

When they came down to earth, the Orishas commented that this time Olofin had not given them a gift worthy of their economic position. They were in that debate when they accidentally crossed paths with Oshún and Shango.

When they saw the couple, they all realized from their clothes, the very bad situation they were going through and for that reason they asked the beautiful Oshún if they had anything to eat, to which she answered no.

The gift of prosperity

The orishas then decided to give the pumpkins that Olofin gave to Oshún and Shango so that they could use them to eat and thus get rid of the annoying gift.

The humble couple offered their thanks, because with that amount of pumpkins they would have food for good weather, and thus they would not have to worry about that luck.

They also noticed that the pumpkins were heavy, but they ignored it and went ahead with joy at the good food they would make.

When they put the pumpkins in his kitchen, Oshún told Shango that he would make an excellent sweet with the fruit to enjoy like never before. With that said, he took the pumpkin in his hands and broke it.

Thus with surprise he discovered that the gourd was full of jewels and gold and also all the others that the Orishas had given him.

Oshún and Shango suddenly, they became the richest among the orishas, ​​a lesson in humility, gratitude and simplicity for all those who despised a divine gift from the God Olofin.  

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