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The Tiara of 9 Points crowned as Queen Oyá Yansa ≫ Its meaning

The crown of Oyá

Among the attributes of yansa The owner of the sparkle we find the crown of nine peaks, the nine copper handles, the Iruke, the ildé de mazo and the eleke of the saint, both garments made with brown or purple beads.

the crown of Oyá It has nine peaks, nine pieces hang from it, these are a guataca, a peak, a ray, a guadaña, a stick, a hoe, a rake, a bow and an arrow and an axe, the saint uses them to fight in order to emerge victorious from her spiritual battle.

What do the nine peaks of the crown represent? Oyá Yansa?

The crown of Oyá yansa

Number nine is the representative digit of Oyá, through this the saint personifies the presence of the nine Eggunes that accompanied herañan.

These peaks symbolize the stages that go through life with ups and downs showing moments of extreme happiness and sadness, success and defeat, health and illness, and life and death.

With the guataca Yansa works the spiritual field.

With the help of the guataca Yansa works the spiritual field that is possessed in the heart of each of her children, placing in it honesty, modesty, mercy and sacrifice, values ​​that the saint considers essential in the life of every human being.

The Peak represents the adversities that with effort are conquered.

On many occasions the adversities that occur in the lives of human beings become gigantic, the beak is used by Oyá to destroy misfortune and when it rises like a great mountainaña, the saint teaches her children to climb the hill that it represents with the help of the peak until it has been completely conquered.

Lightning is the medium Oyá used to do justice.

Through lightning The African deity does justice, it lashes out with fury destroying the slanders and prejudices of which human beings are often victims as a result of ignorance that in most cases does not allow us to see a clear and unobstructed horizon.

El Palo is the stick of the queen of sparkle.

El palo It is the instrument on which the queen of the sparkle leans to advance when the path becomes narrow and steep, with the help of her cane she eliminates the presence of osogbos and vicissitudes.

The bow and arrow are the weapons that Yansa shoots to hunt the iré.

Yansa is based on bow and arrow to capture the go

The same blessing that she gives to those most in need since she is a beneficent and benevolent saint, the one who feels happy to act with justice and mercy.

The Rake is the agricultural object with which the Orisha eliminates suffering.

Rake It is the agricultural object to eliminate suffering from the heart of human beings, it places joy in its place, a benefit that it cultivates until it sees happiness germinate again in the hearts of men.

The Hoe horticultural attribute by which the Santa Muerte cultivates patience.

With the help of hoe Oyá cultivates patience and restraint in man's thinking, this deity encourages meditation before making decisions and carrying out acts, since he considers impulsiveness to be a bad counselor.

The Ax is the combat instrument that Yansa carries during battle.

Through the ax Oyá wins on the battlefield, is so adept at handling it that soldiers consider the battle ax Oyá it is an extension of your own hand.

the guardaña It is the element that the African deity uses to nip evils in the bud.

With the help of the guadaña Oyá eradicates the root evils, this saint is so determined that once she makes a decision she never backs down in her verdict.

With the help of this instrument, remove resentment and hatred from the lives of your loved ones.

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