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The Secret of the Breadfruit in the Yoruba Religion


The Artocarpus Incised scientific name by which the Breadfruit is known, is one of the key pieces in many Yoruba magical-religious works.

This fruit is native to some islands in the Pacific and Southeast Asia, among these we cite Indonesia and New Guinea as producers of this fruit.

It should be noted that being a tropical fruit, it grows in other parts of the tropics, such as Cuba, for example, where it grows wild in some regions.

Breadfruit It has numerous uses, among which not only its religious purposes stand out, since it is also used as a medicinal plant and for industrial elaborations.

The Secret of the bread tree for the Priests of Ifá

The secret of the Fruit of the Bread is closely related to the sign Ogbe Bara, on which we will not delve in depth out of respect for Ifá and its secrets who are only revealed to the Babalawos.

Breadfruit and Head Praying

This fruit has been used throughout the ages as a central element in the prayers of the head of the santeros who use it to refresh the lerí (head) in order to achieve mental health.

This ceremony can only be carried out by religious who have been consecrated in the Osha.

Treaty between this white mass fruit and Obatalá

Breadfruit is intimately related to Obatala Major Orisha of the Yoruba Pantheon. One of its most popular uses is aimed at head prayers as we mentioned earlier.

We can observe this fruit as part of ceremonial baths to purify the aura of individuals who have been irradiated under the influence of haunting spirits.

A bath is prepared to which añaof the chopped fruit, a little brandy and cascarilla and the help of the Orisha who owns all the heads is invoked.

This preparation is used as a final rinse, taking care not to touch the head of the religious out of respect for his guardian angel.

This fruit is used in the same way for ritual cleaning in homes:

  • The fruit is chopped in a bucket that is añade cascarilla, clear water and eau de toilette and proceed to clean every corner of the home in order to refresh it and rid it of bad energy.

Addimú cash to pray for the health of a sick person

This fruit is placed whole as addimu before the Obatalá tureen, kneeling on the mat and having previously lit two white candles to the Orisha, the religious takes the agogó (bell) in his hands and invokes the deity in order to implore him for speedy recovery of the loved one.

This work is left before the receptacle of the saint for eight days, after which it is taken to the foot of a hill where it is received directly by Obatala.

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