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The miraculous fountain of the Sanctuary of San Lazaro

Miraculous Fountain of Saint Lazarus

Every December, thousands of pilgrims come to the Sanctuary of San Lázaro, to thank and venerate one of the most beloved deities, both in the Catholic religion and in Afro-Cuban culture.

Saint Lazarus, which in the Yoruba religion syncretizes as Babalu Aye, has a wide symbolism, being a representative deity of blessings and healing of diseases. These figures are awarded the achievement of miracles.

One of the representatives of this symbolism is the source of the holy water of San Lazaro, also known as "of miracles", which supplies the pilgrims who arrive in Abañadrink in it a powerful holy water.

Holy water and a bath of faith for the devotees

The water from the Miraculous Fountain of Saint Lazarus Legend has it that it grants blessings to those who wash with it, so many devotees, after praying to the saint, come to cleanse their ills and ailments.

The myth relates that it is a source blessed by the deity, and its water is seen by believers as a treasure.

This devotion makes the Sanctuary of San Lazaro a pilgrimage place revered by Cubans who need the cure of serious or incurable diseases and help in general for the problems of life.

In addition, in its back there is a modern hospital that treats skin diseases, also highly appreciated by people who come to the Corner.

Myths and symbols blessed by Saint Lazarus

In the Bible it is said that Lazarus was a poor man who lived in Bethany near Jerusalem. He was the brother of Maria and Martha and a friend of Jesus.

Jesus brought him back to life four days after his death, which is considered one of the greatest miracles of Jesus Christ.

That is why Saint Lazarus represents for the faithful, the strength and benevolence of God himself through his son Jesus Christ, virtues poured into the miraculous fountain of the Sanctuary of San Lazaro.

Miraculous fountain of the Sanctuary of San Lazaro

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