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The Story of Oggún, the Orisha Warrior who works tirelessly

History of Oggún

Oggun a deity of the Orisha Pantheon, the lord and master of iron.

The fighters and the brave, the powerful, the leaders by nature, pray to him, for he symbolizes the tireless struggle, and all the beginnings, the beginning, the mañana, spring, and also the powers of command, force, violence and authority.

Who is the Orisha Oggún?

Is Orisha patron of blacksmiths, from wars, from technology, from army surgeons and from anyone who works with metals.

His work is carried out without rest, he is a great worker, warrior and an excellent hunter.

Is second Orisha that is received behind his brother Eleggua and next to him, he owns the roads, as well as the mountains, a direct messenger of the wise father Obbatalá and strong, violent and very powerful.

His symbol is the Embelebobo machete, a tool with which he confronts all his enemies, but which he also uses to make his way through a jungle or a mountain, with the same one that he descends to defend men on earth.

Oggún, powerful and righteous Orisha

Yoruba stories tell that Oggun is son of Obatala and Yemú, considered brother of the God of thunder Shango, Oranmiyan, and the warriors, Oshosi, Osun and Eleggúa and with these last three he walks through the mountains.

He is born as an Osha from the group of Orisha Oddé, who are commonly known as "the warriors".

Is iron god, minerals, mountainsañas, the tools and everything related to the forging of metals, although it can also be a solitary hunter and gatherer, who wanders the forests and discovers all the secrets.

Lost in the undergrowth, save and take care of the walkers.

He is capable of mastering all the mysteries of the mountains, and he can be a witch, healer and sorcerer, for this reason he is always watched by other Orishas, ​​because he can cause wars and destruction.

Oggun he is considered as the owner of the keys and the chains that represent the confinement.

The guide of the Orishas is punished to work day and night

The patakí tells that when the orishas came down to earth, it was Oggun who went to open the way for them cutting all the obstacles with his machete, accompaniedañado for his brothers ochosi, the vigilante with the bow and arrow and little Elegguá, owner of the roads.

Pataki: Oggún falls in love with his mother

But the Yoruba legend tells that his weak point was that he was in love with his own mother, Yemú, and even wanted to rape her on the way.

But Elegguá narrowly avoided that and Oggún was discovered by Obatalá, the father of all heads, who wanted to punish him for his fault.

Oggun, repentant and ashamed, he told Obatala that he would curse himself and as long as the world existed, he would dedicate himself to working tirelessly, day and night.

Oshún sweetens the Iron Owner

Thus he hid in the mountains, with his dogs, and hidden from all men, only with the company of Ochosi, his hunter brother.

But the solo work caused him to produce lower quality irons and the rest were afraid that he would spread hexes on the ground, so Oshun, the Goddess of rivers and love, went to look for him and gave him the honey of life to taste.

So Oggún continued working, but without feeling bitter, and producing the best quality metal.

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