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The story of Oshún, the Queen who saved humanity

History of Oshún

Oshun she is mother, wife, lover and sister, she is the purest intensity of feelings and spirituality. It is love and femininity, the delicacy of life. She likes to protect pregnant women and women in labor from all evil, and she is benevolent and smiling.

The Yoruba goddess represents rivers and springs in nature and in favor of her femininity, she likes to wear jewelry and body ornaments and adores money.

But it also represents religious rigor and therefore likes relentless punishment for falsehoods and crimes. It is fair, haughty and when it sees injustice, it acts so that what is badly done is paid for.

The goddess in particular likes to eat alongside the deity Yemaya, who is his older sister and together they are considered Queens of the two Waters, of the river and of the sea, blue mermaids who clean all evil with their dance.  

Oshún also loves to walk at night and walk along the rivers, casting spells of romance and seduction. You never know when she is upset, you must act with caution in front of her so as not to provoke her anger. The darkness of his being causes calamities and disasters in its wake, it demands a lot of respect.

It is received as a tutelary Orisha and all the Iyawó (initiates in the Rule of Osha) before being crowned must go to the river and offer their respective Ochinchin (preferred food) and give it Obí (coconut).

The Orisha Oshún, his family and his sons

The Goddess of Love and Rivers is the daughter of obbatala and sister of Yemayá and Oyá, the protector of the cemetery.

She was the wife of Oggun the owner of the mountain, of orula the fortune teller, of oshosi with whom he had Logún Ede and Shango with whom he had the Jimaguas Ibeyis, the twin saviors of humanity.  

Characteristics of the Children of Oshún:

Oshún's children are friendly and cheerful, curious and sensual. Extremely kind, they look through the eyes of others before, who, themselves, do not bear injustices and help those who need it selflessly.

Like their mother, they love jewelry, clothes and good perfumes, they love elegance and comfort.

They love sweets and are often carried away by public opinion, to which they pay too much attention, sometimes forgetting that the essence that characterizes them is unique.

Creekosh ione, savior of men and humanity

The pataki tells that when the God Constitution He created the world, the heavens and the earth communicated through the Ceiba, a sacred tree that shelters spirits.  

But there came a time when men did not pray or worship the creator, so they lost Olofin's trust and thus, he separated the heavens from the earth. 

And since from the beginning he had given them everything they needed to sustain themselves, men did not know what to do to get food, they did not grow or plant anything, they were totally dependent on God.

The time came when men began to starve, because they did not get water or food.

Oshún, the goddess of the rivers who is infinitely kind, took pity on them and to win the favor of Olofin, she transformed into tñosa and took a basket full of bread and peas and carried them to heaven.

There he found Olofin who, like men, was hungry and fed him, so he agreed to his claim to save the human race and although he told him that he could do nothing for those who disappointed him, he did reveal that, in half, between heaven and earth, lived a man named Orisha oko who cultivated and kept his crops.

Orisha Oko and Oshún feed the men of the world

Oshún then, arrived at the house of Orisha Oko, a deity that represents the abundance and fertility of the lands, and took everything he could, as the Orisha offered him the result of their harvests of hundreds of years.

Thus, she fed men and taught them to harvest food and by that act they crowned her queen and rendered her eternal devotion.

Oshún saved humanity thanks to the goodness that characterizes it, it is the staff that sustains us when the worst is coming, that protective mother who, no matter what happens, helps us to move forward and continue victorious on the paths of life.

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