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La Isabelica: traces of love, slavery and faith in Santiago's history

The Isabelica

Located in the province of Santiago de Cuba, forming a vital part of the natural reserve belonging to the Sierra Maestra, stands the Isabelica coffee plantation, an area marked by the traces of the Franco-Haitian confluence in Cuba.

Being the only one of its kind today, it has been recognized as a national monument and world heritage site.

Its walls have witnessed much more than the passage of time, as history has been responsible for reflecting in them a series of paranormal events, which were linked with the thread of love.

The mysteries hidden in the “La Isabelica” coffee plantation

The old two-story large house has seventeen exhibition rooms where dissimilar objects found in archaeological excavations carried out in order to rescue part of the personal items of the inhabitants of the hacienda are shown to the public.

The property owned by Víctor Constantan Couzo for years housed the love he felt for Isabel María, a beautiful mulatto who with her presence gave name to the farm, which focused its production mainly on cocoa and coffee.

The oldest in the area relate that their grandparents told them that in La Isabelica there was never the presence of any other woman other than Isabel María, who served as her husband's wife, housekeeper and friend.

The custodians of the current museum say that on occasions they have heard high-heeled footsteps inside the manor house, those that stop in the afternoons when, by magic, the little comadrita who was the lady's favorite seat in yesterday begins to sway.

On the other hand, events of this type also take place in the small barracks and the coffee drying rooms.

But it is the night that is responsible for storing such data, as the dragging of shackles and the sound of the pylon give life to the complementary arsenal of paranormal sounds that have set the hacienda since then.

La Isabelica, in addition to being a museum house and soon an enclosure dedicated to the tourist pole, is the cradle of various Haitian spirits, who manifest themselves by developing the same tasks as years ago.

An old popular belief affirmed that the loving couple who visited the Isabelica could never separate, since their union would be destined to be as happy as that of their owners yesterday.

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