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Why for the Yorubas the tongue is considered the scourge of the body?

The tongue is the scourge of the body

Obatala, the Orisha owner of justice wanted to test the intelligence of orunmila the great Oracle of If√°, because rumors had reached his ears that Orula was a very wise saint.

Pataki de Obatal√° and the teachings of the sage Orula

The king of the cascarilla He asked the fortune teller to prepare the most exquisite delicacy in the world, following Obatal√°'s request, he went to the market and bought a bull's tongue.

The first dish, that of good deeds

Once he arrived home with the purchase, he began to cook it, seasoning it with the best condiments and spices.

The elaboration that he carried out with the bull's tongue was so exquisite that it caused a great impact on the refined and demanding palate of the white Orisha, who was very pleased with the feast that had been prepared in his honor.

At the end of the banquet, Obatala wondered why Orunmila had chosen the language as the main dish.

To which the great fortune teller replied that this was the best dish because good deeds were performed with the tongue, thanks to this the word was established between human beings, goodness, love, fulfilled promises, illusions, were born. dreams were pronounced, wishes were made, stories were told, men's worth was enhanced, and important agreements were reached.

After having listened carefully to Orunmila's words, Obatal√° admitted to agree with what was raised, then a new question was born in his mind, now the owner of all human heads wanted to know what it was the worst dish in the world.

The second dish, when the tongue curses

Orunmila, determined in his choice, set out to elaborate a new dish where the tongue was the protagonist for the second time.

Astonished, Obatal√° tasted the food, which this time seemed horrible to him, it was then that he wondered how it was possible that the best food in the world was taken over as the worst at the same time.

The Oracle of If√° He suggested that the tongue was in turn the worst food because it was capable of cursing, of sowing discord, of defaming, of lying, of betraying, of da√ĪaFor others verbally, through this offenses were pronounced, pacts were broken, discussions were created and illusions were destroyed.

For all the aforementioned, Orunmila thought that this was the only food that should be identified as the worst on the face of the earth.

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