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7 Lunar Phases that give us feminine strength and light in the dark

The Moon and its phases

The Moon has always represented an unknown that man has wanted to reveal.

We have reached the moon both on space trips to explore its surface and understand its qualities, as well as moving spiritually to understand its essence and its secrets.

There are many questions about our moon and its importance and influence on planet earth. And we know that the satellite is related to the oceans and makes the Earth bulge slightly, creating the tides.

In addition, it is also known that the moon has a powerful influence on people depending on its cycles, its spirituality and energy is so strong that it manages to affect our emotions.

Likewise, we must know that many farmers are governed by the different phases of the moon to harvest the crops so that they do not have any problem.

Many have been the lunar calendars developed throughout history so that humanity could obtain knowledge about the years to come.

Like the previous ones, we must know that there are many aspects of our planet that are related to the natural satellite and they all depend on their phases.

The Moon: discovering its symbolism and mysticism

The symbolism of the moon is very complex and extensive, although it is fundamentally associated with the purest spirit of femininity.

The Moon represents feminine power, the Mother Goddess, the queen of heaven and the protection of women towards each other.

However, the moon also has other meanings such as:

  • The dark side and the invisible aspect of nature
  • The light in the darkness
  • the inner knowledge
  • the intuitive and subjective
  • Spirituality
  • the mystical universe.

The moon is associated with fantasy, with imagination and dreams, because it is the highest representative of the night.

Ancient legends say that it is the lunar goddesses who control and weave the destiny of people.

Lunar phases, illumination and immortality of the soul

We all perceive the lunar phases, as the change in the visible shape of the Moon every seven days is noticeable when we look up at night.

The different lunar phases are the apparent changes of the illuminated visible portion of the satellite, due to its change of position with respect to the Earth and the Sun.

The complete cycle of the lunation is 29,53 days, during which the Moon goes through different times:

  • the new moon (its visible illuminated portion gradually increases again)
  • the full moon after two weeks
  • Then, about the next two weeks, it decreases again and enters the new phase again.

The phases of the moon are also spiritually named:

  • from birth
  • Growth
  • Death

These different moments symbolize immortality and eternity, the renewal of the spirit and enlightenment.

They embody different spheres such as fullness, strength and spiritual power, the sinister and demonic aspect, light, growth and regeneration.

The phases of the moon represent the annual seasons, the ages of man:

  • Growth,
  • childhood and youth
  • and degrowth, maturity and old age.

But also each phase contains an important spiritual meaning related to many energy issues and esoteric rituals.

Do you know these 7 Phases of the Moon and what they represent?

Let us now see one of the 7 most important phases of the moon and its meanings:

Phase 1: New Moon, the one that renews us

  • It happens when the Moon is between the Earth and the Sun, so its illuminated hemisphere cannot be seen from our planet.

The "new moon", also called astronomical new moon or black moon, is the phase in which the Moon is most visible, as it is traced by solar glare.

In addition, each day that passes after this phase, the illumination of the moon is increasing.

During the new moon greater spiritual energy is accumulated, it implies:

  • Emotional, physical and energetic renewal.

Phase 2: Crescent Moon, where abundance arrives

The crescent moon is the one also called "traditional new moon". It is the first appearance of the moon in the sky, two days after the new moon.

It is this, the lunar phase that farmers look forward to, to sow everything that requires a long germination.

Therefore, let us know that the growing phase is to develop and promote everything that we want to grow, strengthen and prosper, such as personal growth projects.

What does the crescent moon look like? What is the difference between waxing and waning?

The moon looks different depending on the hemisphere in which we are. We show the northern hemisphere that is more complicated, since the southern hemisphere is simpler, in the form of "C" it is growing.

North Hemisphere:

  • Crescent moon: The luminous part of the moon draws a “D”
  • Luna ebb: When the illuminated semicircle draws the letter “C”.

Phase 3: Crescent quarter to recharge ourselves with energy

The first quarter is one of the main phases of the moon, where the satellite is largely visible.

  • The moon shows, in the northern hemisphere, the right half illuminated and the left half dark, and in the southern hemisphere, the opposite.

It is said that this phase symbolizes a time of growth, so it is also ideal for harvests and crops.

On a personal level it is a stage for personal fulfillment and the charge of positive energy.

Phase 4: Full Moon, when the magic appears

  • In this phase, the luminous part of the Moon can be seen in the entirety of one of its faces until it forms a circle.

This is perhaps one of the most important phases: the full moon, the one surrounded by mysteries and legends. Supposedly, spirits and malevolent forces take advantage of the full moon to come out into the human world.

However, despite having been used in numerous horror works, the full moon is closely linked to feminine forces, which is why it is also associated with the theme of witches and their powers and rituals.

This phase is also linked to great changes, it is said that the nervous system can be altered more easily.

It is believed that everything that was stimulated in the New Moon and realized in the Waxing Moon reaches its maximum splendor in the Full Moon. It is the time for magic and esotericism.

Phase 5: Last quarter, time to sow good energy

  • The last quarter is a phase in which the visible shape of the moon is similar to the first quarter, but in the opposite direction.

For farmers, it is time to plant the plants that are grown for their seeds or flowers.

And its meaning expresses that, a time to "sow", in order to later reap the harvest.

The Moon in Last Quarter represents:

  • Everything we want to diminish or conclude.
  • It indicates a closure of cycles, an abandonment of bad habits or negative thoughts.
  • In magic and esotericism, it is taken into account as a special moment for cleansing or purification.

Phase 6: Waning Moon, closing cycles and processes

The waning moon, also known as the "waxing crescent" or "old moon" is the same as the new moon, but in the opposite direction.

It is only possible to see it at dawn, towards the east.

What does this moon represent in spirituality?

  • The waning moon represents the end of the cycle, when one stage ends and, at the same time, another begins.
  • It is time to take positive energy and face new stages.

Phase 7: Black moon, space of calm and peace

The final stage is the black moon, which corresponds to the last phase of the moon and then gives way to the first phase again.

  • In this phase the moon is absent in the sky, it is dark and cannot be seen from Earth, it remains hidden by the solar glare.

Symbolizes in spirituality:

  • A phase of stillness and introspection.
  • It symbolizes tranquility and calm.

During the Dark Moon we stay still, no magic or rituals should be done because it is a time of silence and reflection.

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