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What is the role of Women within the Rule of Osha-Ifá?

Women in the Yoruba Religion

Throughout the ages the Yoruba religion has been cataloged as a macho faith, without thinking about the valuable role that women play within their practices.

The female presence within the Yoruba Religion.


The main virtue with which the female was awarded is directly related to the most sublime act that exists on the earthly plane, that related to giving life.

The same function that the Osha-Ifá rule fulfills when reaching the life of a religious and starting a new life for him with new dreams and opportunities.

The appetite of Orumila.

I wanted orula

Women who have been initiated into the Yoruba religion through the reception of the crown of Orunmila they are the only ones that have the power to be considered apetebis de Orula.

Standing out among these are the daughters of Oshún, who are the most graceful servants of Orumila.

In the execution of this activity highlights the ceremony of serving the table during the Ifá ceremonies and direct assistance to Orula, coming to consider his own wife.

The woman is privileged by Orula.

The woman serving Orula He will have priority when receiving the advice of the great Oracle in the Itá and will sit to the left of the representation of said Orisha on earth.

This position is the location in the human body where the heart is located, a vital organ related to pure feelings, among which we mainly cite love.

The woman was privileged by the great fortune teller with the virtue of being a mother and creating life.

For this reason, in the consecrations of Ifá, the feminine presence can never be lacking for it to give its blessing.

When a woman and a man are born religiously on the same day, the woman will always be older, so the pertinent ceremonies must be performed first. 

The little girl of the Yoruba Religion.

The word feicita is a Yoruba term that translates as scribe.

This is a position that the woman occupies during the ceremonies and the Itá, where the feicita must write down in the consecrations book the signs and advice that the Orishas offer to their children, so that they are reflected as evidence and guide of life.

The cook of the Osha-Ifá Rule.

Cooking for the orishas

It is the woman generally in charge of cooking during the Osha-Ifá cults for the participating saints and religious.

The offerings that are dedicated to the Orishas are made by the hands of a woman, who puts special love and care in this need.

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