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Afro-Cuban music, an ancestral mix of rhythms

Afro-Cuban music

Long ago, in Cuba, religions and other Afro-Cuban cultural expressions have become more public

Especially the Afro-Cuban music has developed incredible characteristics and has adapted to the times, always showing a powerful mixture of emotions, languages ​​and rhythms, and leading it to different musical expressions.

And it is that even hip-hop today celebrates blackness and the lyrics of the songs explore the meanings of the union of cultures in what we call, Cuban.

Africa and Cuba in a single rhythm

Joy and ode to African beliefs and practices are characteristic of the Afro-Cuban music.

Also the rhythmic and melodic power of African music now fills the best Cuban musical pieces that even in the nineteenth century sneaked into society dances and fairs.

The African appears in the guajiras and even in the adored cha cha chá and in other songs of the island of Cuba.

It is usual to hear in current songs of all genres, and we speak even of the most modern ones such as pop or salsa, the drumming of liturgical ceremonies lucumies, And the añadiduras of rhythms of congas or ñañigas.

Now, the African leaves are in all kinds of Cuban musical genres. Because there is no way to make Cuban music without adding a few touches of Africa.

Afro-Cuban music, union of emotions

In fact, the renowned anthropologist Fernando Ortiz, affirmed in his research that African components played a leading role in the formation of Cuban national music from the beginning.

And it is that, in addition, our music is recognized as our maximum cultural expression, it synthesizes numerous African influences that were transformed and adapted to the rhythms of the Caribbean.

The son, for example, a super-Cuban genre, includes instruments such as the clave, the bongos or the tres, which are Afro-Cuban mixtures, in addition to the marímbula, which did come directly from Africa to stay on this Island bañagives rhythms

Among the most popular songs, an icon of Afro-Cuban culture, it sounds ¿And what do you want me to give you? by Adalberto Álvarez, an outstanding Cuban musician who through her tells us a beautiful story, the African heritage that is part of our roots, a prayer full of religiosity, folklore and faith.

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