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The Beautiful Novena of Saint Francis of Assisi: The Pattern of Nature

The Novena of Saint Francis of Assisi

St. Francis of Assisi He was the founder of the Franciscan Order, a religious brotherhood that adopted his name in honor of his figure.

Saint Francis is one of the great figures of spirituality and of the Christian faith, during his time on earth he dedicated himself to sowing knowledge and interest in study among his disciples.

This deity rejoiced in doing good to others, gave charity to the poor and affection to helpless orphans.

This saint is considered to be the protector of:

  • Nature,
  • the animals and
  • the markets.

Saint Francis of Assisi had such a privileged mind that he was able to predict events outside of his time, hence it is syncretized with Orula the great diviner of Ifá, deity belonging to the Yoruba religion.

  • His saints are celebrated on October 4, date on which his faithful offer him yellow and green roses.

This saint is invoked to solve all kinds of miracles, with issues related to health and justice being the most popular.

Novenary to Saint Francis of Assisi: Prayers with Purpose

Next, we offer you the novena to Saint Francis of Assisi, a prayer that should be extended for nine days, reading a daily prayer always at the same time on consecutive days.


  • During your prayers, think about the good you want to obtain and share it with Saint Francis of Assisi so that your miracle will be accomplished in a short time.
  • Do not forget that each of the prayers has a purpose, be sincere with yourself so that your soul can achieve spiritual growth being strengthened in faith.

The main goal that a good Christian must achieve is to be a good person.

First day of the novena: Prayer to open your eyes to the truth

Saint Francis, friend of the humble and the poor, open my eyes to see God in all my brothers and sisters.

Pray for us, Saint Francis, that we also achieve a permanent conversion on this day and in the days to come. Amen.

Day Two: Prayer to rejoice in faith

Saint Francis, you are the Saint of joy because you found true wealth in God's environment.

You are the Saint of peace because you have found the spirit of Jesus, which comes from trusting God.

Help us, Saint Francis, to find this same joy and experience that same peace in our hearts and in our lives. Amen.

Day Three: I pray to find out what I need to change

Saint Francis, all holiness comes from our dealings with one another.

Open my heart and my conscience to discover the areas in which I need to change.

I beg you so that, having received your grace, I may respond with love and generosity. Amen.

Day Four: Supplication in order to see and learn from my mistakes

Saint Francis, I don't always have the decision and the firmness of heart to pray as much as I should.

I pray to God to give me the grace to always be in prayer and open to listening. Amen.

Fifth Day: Invocation to follow the path of faith

Saint Francis, help me to listen, help me to follow you!

Help me to start on the path that I believe God is calling me in the way that I believe God is drawing me.

He is not calling me to do great things, but help me to choose the small to rebuild your Church, here where I am.

Sixth Day: Adoration to release everything that gives meaña

Saint Francis, help me to renounce the many things that prevent me from living full freedom.

But not to the responsibilities that my life, work, my family, my society demand of me.

And keep me away from those inner things that suffocate me and everything that makes me feel superior to others.

Help me, as you helped Saint Francis to be a fool before the things of the world and to fill my face with joy and joy to be your image before others. Amen.

Day Seventh: Prayer to live under the commitment of faith

Saint Francis, help me to commit my life totally to the following of Jesus Christ.

Give me the strength and the audacity to live each day totally surrendered to God.

Enlighten me to make the changes I need to make in my life to achieve it. Amen.

Eighth Day: Prayer to follow in the footsteps of good

Saint Francis, loved God and followed him totally in his Word.

Help me Lord to imitate him. Amen.

Day Ninth: Invocation to love myself and my fellow men

Saint Francis, I know that there is a better virtue than the love of leading souls to God.

Help me to overcome myself and embrace my brothers and sisters with the great love and generosity with which God embraces me. Amen.

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