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9 Days in Devotion with The Spiritual Novena ≫ Novena of Petition to God

The spiritual novena

A passage in the bible tells that when Jesus died on the cross and rose again, he ascended to heaven and nine days later he sent the Holy Spirit to his disciples.

But during those days, a group of followers was gathered together with Mary and the apostles, praying constantly. It is told through the different biblical stories that this was the first Christian novena.

According to the Bible, Mary asked the apostles to pray for nine days to receive the Holy Spirit. Today, the nine days of a novena are generally considered to refer to the nine days between Ascension and Pentecost:

"They all continued in prayer with one spirit" (Acts 1:14) at the end of which they received the Holy Spirit. Therefore, we can also live the novena as a time of prayer while waiting for a grace.”

Therefore, when we refer to novena, is a series of nine days followed by prayers and a form of devotion to God (Father, Son and Holy Spirit), the Virgin Mary, the angels and the saints.

The spiritual novena It has a very strong meaning for believers, as it is one of the highest expressions of devotion as a way of praising God and as a record of faith.

La Novena and spiritual Masses

The Novena is included above all in spiritual masses to pray to the ancestors and deities.

Reciting a novena daily for nine days before the spiritual vault is the most traditional way of doing it. Devotees recommend praying always at the same time as a sign of faith and perseverance.

The spiritual novena is mainly catholic, but in Cuba, thanks to the cultural and religious mix, it has also adapted to other religions and spiritualist and holy practices.

Novenas are usually prayed alone, but at spiritual Masses they can also be done in groups, as a powerful display of devotion.

Christian novenas have four qualifications:

  • For mourning, they are recited before a burial or for periods of mourning.
  • The novenas of preparation that take place in a religious festival or a spiritual event.
  • The novenas of prayer through which divine intervention is requested in certain matters of life.
  • Novenas of indulgence are prayed for sins.

The content of each novena is different, but most of them offer at least one daily meditation, based on passages from the Bible or prayers addressed to various saints.

The spiritual novenas are also a compliment to the characteristics that every good devotee should possess such as sincerity, understanding, positive attitudes, family bond, etc. And for prayer to be heard, it must be done with great faith and humility.

In addition, the novena is characterized as a privileged way to pray and to take time to pray and pray, to speak from the depths of our hearts.

Novena of petition to God the Father

Novena of petition to God
  • Let us now see an example of a spiritual novena, in it you ask for a Special Request, this is carried out for 9 consecutive days, the prayers that it contains will strengthen your request.

First day:

Dear Heavenly Father, we pray that Your Divine Will, which is Holy Love, be made known to all people and all nations. Show those who embrace evil, violence and acts of terrorism, that these things are never Your Will and you do not like them, but they seriously offend you. Amen.

Second day:

Heavenly Father, Splendor of Truth, help me always to trust Your Divine Will, which is one with Your Provision, Your Mercy and Your Love. Help me to always live in the truth through Your Divine Will. Amen.

Third day:

Abba Father! You are the Eternal Now, the Creator of time and space, the source of all that is good. In each present moment, I beg You: help me to find Your Divine Will and surrender to it. Amen.

Fourth day:

Eternal Father, allow Your Divine Will to mold my heart in every virtue, in order to form my spirituality according to Holy and Divine Love. In this way, it may please You to make me an instrument of Your Will in the world. Amen.

Fifth day:

Heavenly Father, Almighty and Omniscient God, always present in the tabernacles of the world, grant the heart of the world the grace to recognize Your Will in today's world, which is always love and truth. Amen.

Sixth day:

Eternal Father, in Your Omniscience, You understand that Divine Love is fighting the final battle against the hatred that Satan sows in hearts. Help us to be Your weapons of victory over all evil that opposes Your Divine Will, which is always Divine Love. Amen.

Seventh day:

Heavenly Father, Source of All Grace, You created us in Your Image. Help us always to be reflections of Your Heart, which is the Paternal Divine Love in the world. Amen.

Eighth day:

Heavenly Father, Creator of the Universe, today, place in our hearts the will to live in harmony with your Holy and Divine Will. We know that this is possible only through Holy and Divine Love. Help us to choose this love in each present moment. Amen.

Ninth day:

Eternal Father and my Father, Your Mercy and Love fill the whole earth. Reach out to every heart and reclaim each one as Yours through the light of truth and righteousness. If it is Your Divine Will, grant to me, Your child in need, this request that I invoke from You (mention the request). Amen.

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