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La Oyugbona: The one who watches the road


Many people devalue the important function of the Oyugbona, who I have heard called "ceremonial maids."

Although they have custody and take on a great responsibility to the Iyawó (newly initiated believer), it is not valued in some houses and only the position of the godmother is appreciated.

The power behind the wonderful and ancient function that Oyugbona has within religion is self-explanatory when translated from the Yoruba language which means:

"He who watches the road with his eyes."

The Iyawó lookout:

The Oyugbona oversees the welfare of the Iyawo, is the one who balances the energy of the newly initiated through his care, reinforces his power in his first steps and accompanies him.aña on the path of new learning.

Among its functions, it has the responsibility of accommodating the room where the ceremonies are to be held, when we speak of accommodating it is not just about locating elements.

This process involves a lot of spirituality, moving and balancing certain energies that have to be strengthened so that everything runs smoothly.


Who is the Oyugbona?

Within the Yoruba religion, the function of the Oyugbona (if she is a woman) and Oyubbón (if she is a man) is to be the second godmother at the initiation of the Iyawó, she is the main assistant of the godmother or godfather.

She is herself an educator, a special assistant who exudes good energy.

It is like a great mother who takes care of you and takes care of you with all the benefits that are offered to a child.

In itself, she is the second in command of an initiation or ceremony, that is, the second person who bears great responsibility.

Who can be Oyugbona?

To be able to occupy this beautiful position of attending and caring for the Iyawó as if it were a small son, only Oloshas (any person who has fulfilled the Iyawó stage) should be considered responsible, reputable and formal, since assuming this position entails a great responsibility, especially spiritual.

The Oyugbona in addition to providing its energy and its Ashé to the newly initiated must also fulfill its essential and important functions and duties within any ceremony or consecration of our religion, it is a function of great commitment.

Therefore, I think it necessary to emphasize that for all this and much more, since the spirituality and religiosity that the Iyawó offers is impossible to explain:

It is owed as much respect as the godmother or godfather, as well as the Guardian Angel!

Let us respect each other's role and their importance and in this way we will unite our religious family. 

Blessings to all and may our Orishas be with you.

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