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The Peony and its seeds, protectors of bad energies and the evil eye

Peony seeds

La peony in Cuba, it is the name of a well-known and popular seed, mainly for its spiritual powers. The plant keeps some curious seeds inside its small pods, the most common being those that have a red half and the other half black.

The plant of the genus ormosia it develops as a bush that grows wild, possessing sacred seeds, also known by its indigenous name huayruro.

As we explained, the leaves that shelter the peony they are subdivided and the fruit is a pod with bright black and red seeds, which have an especially spiritual meaning and have had countless religious uses over the years.

Greater spiritual uses of Peony

Some of the magical characteristics that are related to the sacred seed are:

  • They attract good fortune and are represented as powerful amulets.
  • A seed of luck that provides protection and drives away evil.
  • It is used as a decoration in many objects, and at the same time it embellishes the elements, it loads them with good vibes and abundance.
  • It works against the evil eye, envy and hypocrisy, and this is one of the most common spiritual properties that stands out in this seed.
  • Its strong red color in conjunction with black makes it a jet of great power, mainly to protect children, especially newborns.

Peony seed properties

For centuries magical properties have been attributed to the peony seed, which many place in the hands of newborns as protection against the evil eye, especially in countries such as Peru and Venezuela, in which the indigenous people used them as amulets and that tradition remained as a popular base.

That is how you are seeds of this powerful plant They are used as protectors and are placed in bags, such as charms, beads and bracelets to attract good fortune and ward off bad energies and curses.

Hen/Stag peony seeds they can be of two sizes:

  • Huayruro male: It is the largest, red with black. Spiritually brings harmony and balance in homes.
  • Huayruro female: Smaller and all red than is the one included in the bracelets of the little ones to protect them from the evil eye.

Peony seed in Santeria

In the Rule of Osha (Santeria)peony seeds They are sacred, they signify abundance and prosperity and are used for different spells against bad energies and to cleanse homes of darkness and negative influences.

The leaves of this plant They are also used in various rituals and ceremonies of the Yoruba religion, they are magical and save from conflicts, discussions and problems.

Peony seed necklaces They have a great spiritual meaning, they serve as a safeguard, as a protection amulet. They save from enemies, from disease and misfortune.

The colors they have, red and black, provide the power to save and balance the energies between life and death.

It is considered as a lucky seed, full of positive energy, strength and courage, that drives away envy, the evil eye and false friends.

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