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Do you know what La Rede Wicca is and what is its meaning? Beautiful poem

The Wiccan Network

The neopagan religion known under the name of Wicca It has had an impressive boom in the youngest sector of Cuba in recent years, since many have been Cubans who under its precepts have begun to practice a new type of religion.

La Rede poem which provides guidance on the religious current is conceptually described as a medieval English word meaning "council«.

This being precisely what the verses provide to the disciples, advice to have a better life, which is in tune with the spirits, the human being and nature.

The original text is the work of Doreen Valiente, which has been translated into many languages, spreading around the world, predominantly, of course, in English-speaking countries.

What defines Wicca as a religion?

This religious trend is associated with the direct belief in witches and the formation of covens.

Those who concentrate on the studies of herbs and the creation of spells and manipulation of energy currents.

The premise of Wicca es:

Do your own will without dañano one

Phrase that reveals a high degree of responsibility and empathy between human beings.

The poem that we present below is part of the sacred text that is read in the creation of the covens by integrating the new members.

This being considered as a kind of doctrine that reveals data about the gods and the most important festivals.

The Wicca Network: A poem that gives us advice

Follow the Wiccan laws we must, in perfect love and perfect trust.

Live and let live, just give and receive.

Three times the circle you have to draw for the unwanted spirits thus to cast.

Always when the spell ends, you must when saying the spell rhyme.

Light in the eyes and soft to touch; talk less, listen more.

In acts and name to honor the Ancients, may love and light guide you again.

Go in deosil with the crescent moon, singing a happy tune.

Go left-handed when the moon wanes, and the werewolf howls through the terrible monkshood.

When the Lady's Moon is new, her hand kisses twice.

When the moon travels to its peak, the desire in your heart seeks.

Pay attention to the powerful gale from the North, close the door and set the sail down.

When the east wind begins to blow, wait for the new and the party prepare.

When you feel the South wind coming, the love in your mouth will kiss you.

When you hear the west wind sigh, all hearts will find rest and peace.

Nine woods go to the Cauldron; burn them fast, burn them slow.

Birch on fire will represent what the Lady knows.

The Oak, of the strong pillar forest, in the fire the knowledge of God will bring you.

The Rowan is a Tree of power making life and magic flourish.

The Willow by the river must always be ready to help in the summer.

The Hawthorn is burned to purify and that justice can be seen in the eyes.

The Hazel, tree of wisdom and learning, adds its strength to the bright fire.

White is the flower that the Apple tree gives and that brings us the fruit of fertility.

The Grapes that grow on the Vine give us wine and joy to live.

The fir tree always marked in green is to represent immortality.

Elderberry is the Lady's tree, do not burn it or you will be cursed.

Four times the High Sabbath will signal in the light and in the dark.

As the old year begins to wane, the new begins, it is time for Samhain.

When the time of Imbolc begins, the flowers through the snows watch.

When the fast wheel begins to turn, Beltane's fires will burn.

At the wheel to the night of Lama to point, ritual magic is empowered.

Four times the Lesser Sabbats will fall, to mark them the Sun you must use.

When to Yule the wheel has pointed, the trunk is lit and the Horned reigns.

In spring, when night and day are the same, Ostara comes out to meet us.

When the Sun is going to reach its highest point, it is time for the Walnut and the Oak to fight.

The harvest comes to each and every one, when the Autumn Equinox presents itself.

Pay attention to flower, bush and tree, and the Lady will give you her blessing.

Where the rolling waters of the waterfalls go, throw a stone and you will know the truth.

When you have and maintain a need, the greed of others should not listen.

With a fool not a season you have to pass, or as his friend you will be.

Happy Meeting, Happy Parting, warm the heart and light up the cheeks.

The Law of the Three Times you should keep in mind, three times bad and three times good.

When misfortune stalks you, wear the blue star on your forehead.

In love you have to be sincere unless your love deceives you first.

In these Eight Words the Rede is: «An ye harm none do as ye will»

"Do your will without harming anyone."

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