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Osha's Rule: Ties That Bind Us

Osha's rule

In 1995, Fernando Ortiz in his book “The Black Witches” differentiated between “fanatical” or “good faith” witches and he did so thinking about those older recalcitrant Africans, full of knowledge, firm in their faith, and those who consult, consecrate, and they carry out other religious practices, abusing the reliability of their initiates and after so many years the situation persists, it is a shame to say it, but that is how it is.

Brotherhood between religious

The Rule of Osha as a set of religious systems, has been modified by new fashions and customs, the Afro-Cuban traditions that identify us undergo changes that go against the rules and norms that our elders and ancestors inherited from us. 

"The Awó who acts well, rests in peace and the one who acts badly will suffer remorse" 

In the sign of Ifá Ofun Funda cites this teaching, because when this union occursaña the link is broken before Ifá, Osha and egguns.

A bond for life: Godparents and godchildren

The union between godmother/godfather and godson is sacred, above all they owe obedience and respect. In this religious bond, balance must be worked so that those initiated in religion can achieve knowledge and the ability to conduct themselves on the day of death.añana as true Iyaloshas / Babaloshas, ​​Oriates and Babalawos.

This bond fortifies the foundations of the initiates' wisdom and learning.

It is appropriate to mention that as bad practices, there are many older ones who use their initiated godchildren and take them as messengers, keeping them in ignorance and depriving them of the teachings to have them under dependence blindfolded.

The separation of the bond between godfather and godson varies according to the internal and external conditions that cause it, which can be family, economic or social.

Currently there are disputes of all kinds breaking the sacred union between both religious, a bond that should never be broken and that should be fostered in love and faith.

There are also problems among our "saintly brothers", who despite being under the protection and mandate in common with their Iyalosha / Babalosha they disagree, or quarrel among themselves, with misgivings and falsehoods prevailing.

Religion and power struggles

It cannot be denied that at this time in our religion "The Rule of Osha" there is a lot of inequality, competition and enmity. Our Afro-Cuban roots are being lost as the lack of ethics and morals grows.

There are many differences based on bibliographic sources, ancestral practices and information about the Orishas when carrying out consecrations and religious rites, each defending their power it is often said "this is my house of Saint."

The Osha rules are the legacy of our elders.

Each house defends its own rules, norms and prohibitions, plus some have a tendency to Osha-Ifá others only to Osha, exclusivity and hunger for power.

The power struggle causes disagreements, others refuse to lose the autonomy they enjoy in their Ilé religious (religious house).

Let us remember: Our religion is one, "There is no bad religion, only bad religionists."

The Osha Rule and its principles are not betrayed, we must not attack each other or consider ourselves enemies, because we are one religion where respect and unity are based. The strength is in the joining. 

May our love, faith and humility for our religion make a call to recover our brotherhood, the heritage left to us by our ancestors, defend our roots and implore in one voice the powerful protection of our Orishas.

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