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La Rondona de Remedios A History of Exorcism in Cuba!

The Rondona

María Manuela is the protagonist of this story, where once again the forces of good and evil confront and challenge the faith.

The legend that bears the name of La Rondona, recounts the life of María, a young woman born in the highest strata of the Remedina society, formerly the Villas in central Cuba.

This young woman is said to have been a very serious girl with a very strong character, who always received everything she wanted.

History records it as one of the first examples of exorcisms carried out on the island.

This being the term designated for:

The spiritual process in charge of expelling the demons housed either in the human body or in certain objects, in order to drive away these dark and obsessive entities from the human being.

The mysteries and demons that haunted María Manuela

Young María Manuela was always of a very dry character, she was not very communicative and it seemed that she was always turning over ideas, a phrase that formerly used to describe people who remained alienated from the world.

As an only child, her parents indulged her in all her wrongdoings, even when they hurt others.

One day close to his birthday, his mother asked him to give her seven reais. She was affected and furious at his words and told him that she had no money.

Her mother, saturated with her selfish attitude and the lack of consideration that she showed daily, called her selfish, a fact that provoked her anger even more, to which she answered angrily:

Hell is what I have to offer.

The surprised mother withdrew thinking that her daughter was spoiled and had a bad heart, but then she began to observe other behaviors that caught her attention, such as neglect in the ways of eating and in her personal hygiene.

Actions that worsened over time, a fact that was accompanied by continuous hypersalivation and convulsive attacks inexplicable to science.

Why they called it the Rondona?

María Manuela remained locked up, no longer responded to her name and continually blasphemed and praised Lucifer.

For this reason, the family went to the Church authorities who decided to perform several exorcisms on the young woman, of which there are presumed to have been a total of seven.

The people of the town began to murmur about the state of María Manuela for what they began to call her the Rondona:

  • Alluding to the fact that this was haunted or stalked by evil entities.

Years later, the young woman was completely recovered from such a bitter experience, an event that made her rethink many things in her life, starting with her behavior and her ways with the people who loved her well.

It is stated that María Manuela became a fervent devotee, becoming the Church of Remedios her second home.

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