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The Ghost of Rachel Dekeirsgeiter: The Story of the Rose of France

The Rose of France

The mysterious legend that contemplates the appearance of the ghost of Rachel Dekeirsgeiter is one of the most paradigmatic enigmas of Cuba in the first half of the XNUMXth century.

The bloody event that led to the death of the beautiful young woman, was served to this day as one of the most painful events that have stained the world of entertainment and entertainment in the largest of the Antilles with blood.

Who was Rachel Dekeirsgeiter?

Rachel Dekeirsgeiter was a beautiful young woman of French origin who remained closely related to the highest sectors of Cuban society, being linked to the theater and the great parties.

She exercised the oldest of the trades, prostitution, not by vocation, but by necessity, because at that time a young woman without purchasing power or studies had no other destiny than to earn a living through the exercise of passion.

This is the tragic story of the Rose of France

The entertainment of that time did not require more than a beautiful physique to penetrate its cycle of vices and scandals.

A stigma that was enhanced by the murder of Rachel the French girl, some years before the horrendous crime was perpetuated, the rose of France, as the young woman who arrived in Havana from her native country, induced into the trade by one of the most famous pimps of the time, Oscar Villaverde.

Who established in what is now known as the historic center of the city, a wide network of brothels, centers from which he acquired his finances.

It is said that the French girl was highly sought after by men, her fair skin in combination with her brown eyes was an infallible antidote to cure heart pains.

Such beauty caused on more than one occasion that fights were established in her name.

Tokyo, where Rachel was seen on more than one occasion

Villaverde had bought at that time a cabaret that he called Tokio, the one that used to meet at the corner of San Lázaro and Blanco.

Between night activities, the owner inserted the beautiful ladies of the night to please the senses of his customers and so everyone left the city hall happy.

The murder of the beautiful French

One night in 1931 the beautiful woman disappeared for two days without a trace, it is presumed that she had gone to meet one of her lovers.

Hours later dire news headed the headlines, Rachel Dekeirsgeiter had been brutally murdered, her naked body floating in a bathtub while her skull was shattered.

Some presume that a note implicated her as guilty of her own death, the truth is that the metal that disfigured her face did so with the saña of not being anyone else's, neither living nor dead.

Rachel's specter still haunts those streets

A purely passionate crime stained San Miguel Street, Amistad intersection, a place where since then some presume to have seen the specter of the French woman, prowling the area.  

The truth is that from that day on, all the women dedicated to the old profession entrusted themselves to Rachel before going to work, a custom that over the years immortalized the rose of France, as the protector of prostitutes in Havana.

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