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The sacred gourd, an offering for Oshún

Pumpkin to Oshún

Oshun, is a female deity of African culture, is the only one among all the gods that can open the pumpkinThis is clear to all those who practice the Yoruba religion and who know that this vegetable is an excellent offering for the goddess of love and rivers.

In addition, within the Rule of Osha many santeros are prohibited from eating pumpkinIt is a sacred fruit that belongs to the Orisha Oshún and all the riches of the world are enclosed in them.

This comes from a patakí that refers that the seeds of the pumpkins They locked up jewels and riches for the prosperity of humanity. And that is why vegetables are widely used to make offerings asking Oshún for economic prosperity.

The pumpkin and its relationship with Oshún, Dgoddess of fresh waters

The pumpkin and its legend of harboring wealth are related to Oshún, who is the owner of gold and river water, and who likes shiny objects, money and material prosperity.

And to entertain Oshún, although there are a great variety of offerings that he likes, the question is to select which is the most appropriate for the request we wish to make.

The fact is that the goddess has always been fascinated by the pumpkins and therefore this fruit is sacred to the orisha.

Yoruba or Pataki legends tell how the pumpkin became an ancestral, powerful and highly spiritual element, some say that Oshún made the first lamp using a pumpkin and that this is also his favorite piggy bank.  

Offerings with pumpkin to Oshún for abundance

In many religious works, rituals and works that are performed with this deity, mainly to ask for prosperity, the fruit is used.

In addition, since it is a regular member of their offerings and addimús, it is important to point out that when it is offered, it should never be eaten, since Oshún would consider it an offense.

How to perform the ritual to Oshún?

To ask Oshún for economic prosperity, we must offer him pumpkin which is the fruit associated with wealth.

  1. We must place on a white plate a pumpkin whole, very beautiful, without bumps and of good color and cover it with honey, a sacred element that also belongs to the goddess of the Rivers.
  2. 5 coins can be added to this offering to represent wealth and abundance and light a candle in front of the offering plate.
  3. In front of the Orisha it is left for 5 days, which is the mark number of the deity and then we leave it at the foot of the sweet waters of a river.
  4. If you have not received Oshún, you can also carry out this work with great faith and love.
  5. Each day you should light the candle for a while, preferably at the same time, and take advantage of the moment to meditate and talk with the orisha.

So we pray every day to Oshún to bring prosperity to our lives and we talk with her about our joys and desires, letting the goddess know how much we value her blessings, always offering gratitude.

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