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Did you know that the representation of the «Eggún tile» was born in Ogbe Wale?

Eggun's tile

Olodumare She had among her children an Ifá priest named Ogbe Wale.

This was recognized in his town for being a wise man who always fully fulfilled his designs.

Pataki where Ogbe Wale received the Ikú works by order of Olodumare

Eggun tile

On a certain occasion, Olodumare told him to receive all the works that Ikú gave him, since these would be dictated by himself, a design that the Babalawo accepted without question.

Ikú left accompaniedañagives for his army spirits In search of the necessary elements for Olodumare to perform an ebbó that Orunmila had marked for him.

Death commanded his hosts to a lagoon where they had to extract a little mud, but none of the spirits wanted to get dirty.

The Son of Death receives a gift from the Babalawo

Seeing the unwillingness of his companions, Iku's little son offered to do so, scooping out the mud that Olodumare needed with his own hands.

Then Iku left for Ogbe Wale's house, to whom he delivered Olodumare's errand, not without first telling him what happened at the lake.

In return for the selfless work of the son of Death, he decided to give him a gift in return for his contribution to the ebbó.

So that the spirits were always represented in all the houses where Orunmila lived and the sacred rule of Osha-Ifá was believed.

It was created Eggún's tile as sacred representation of spirits

Ogbe Wale sent for his two assistants and between the three of them they made a clay tile and a casserole, elements that they cooked over fire and that they consecrated so that the Eggunes could represent themselves through them. 

Through clay the spirits were represented as this material, source of creation, molded by the energy of the hands, parts of the body with which it is built and destroyed at the same time.

How important is the Eggún tile?

Eggún's Tile is one of the material representations of spirits.

On this, offerings and animal sacrifices are made in order to strengthen them and obtain their blessing.

This element of clay acts by forming a bridge between the plane of the earth and the spiritual universe, being the Tile the one in charge of mediating between both worlds.

When you want to call any of the spiritualities that accompanyaña the religious is done through the tile.

It is valid to emphasize that in front of this the santero must daily assist his dead by placing various addimús (offerings) such as water, flowers and food.

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