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Temptation from a religious point of view. How can you avoid it?

The temptation

How many times have you not heard the controversial phrase that addresses:

He fell into temptation because he couldn't resist anymore.

Quote that allows us to see between lights that temptation will bend man at some point in his life, a reason that covers part of the conception we have about our existence, but that in a deeper way becomes uncertain if we start from the point where willpower wins out over temptation.

It is easy to think that bad things happen to us because forces superior to us so desire, being true that the influence of negative energies on the person comes to emptiness.añaastrally attracting then less fortunate events to its path.

But there is another cause that many times for convenience is not commented and that is the making of bad decisions, a phenomenon that, although we do not give it due importance, has unfavorable repercussions in our lives, attracting consequences that are sometimes inexplicable.

How is temptation perceived from some religious beliefs?

Different cultures have named temptation according to their dialects, a situation that we are not alien to, because according to our beliefs we will be able to focus our life and decisions.

From the belief of the Catholics

The Catholic Church refers to temptation as the germ capable of activating the rest of the sins, this being the result of the influence of evil forces on the person.

It is believed that one of the most successful ways to get away from temptation within this religious framework is by following the Ten Commandments, a doctrine that governs life in the Catholic world.

Temptation in the Yoruba religion

The Yoruba temple sees temptation as:

That event that becomes action through which the person modifies his way of acting, principles and life for an end that sooner or later will harm him, despite being clear that the temptation is avoidable.

For this to happen, the religious must be able to do two things:

  • The first to have willpower and
  • the second to respect their Itá.  

saints and other deities they have the spiritual power to support the person, to provide him with the necessary strength not to collapse and move forward, but they will never be able to decide for the individual.

All of us who practice religion know that the warnings of the saints become sins, osogbos, temptations and bad luck when we behave arrogantly and are not capable of analyzing and respecting their advice.

Prayer to God to avoid temptations

OMG! Give me eyes to see only the good.

Give me ears to hear only good.

Give me mind to think only good.

Give me a tongue to speak only good.

And finally, give me a wide heart to love and forgive everything for love of You. Amen

You can pray to God during the week with these beautiful prayers:

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