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Pataki of the Ivory Trumpet: If the Enemy does damage, Orula will save you


A long time ago there was a man whose trade was to play the trumpet when the Sun rose, thus awakening the Orishas and human beings to begin their day and carry out their work.

Ogbe Ofun story where the trumpeter faces his enemies with the help of Orula

Olofin who was happy with his work decided to call him to his palace one day to reward him for his excellent performance.

When he arrived, the trumpeter Olofin was already waiting for him.

This man, who knew the desires of all men, knew that the greatest desire he had was to marry and start a family, which is why the Orisha granted one of his daughters in marriage.

The young woman's suitors upon learning of what happened were enraged and wanted revenge on the trumpeter, so they met to hatch a plan against him.

Together they decided to steal the source of his glory, which was his ivory trumpet.

When the Enemy wants revenge, Orula will have the answer

to the mañaThe next when the trumpeter went to look for his musical instrument, he realized that it was not there, so he ran everywhere asking everyone he bumped into on the way if he had seen it, until he arrived at the house of orunmila.

When the great Ifá fortune teller saw what happened, he felt sorry for the trumpeter and through the ékuele and the Ifá board they discovered his whereabouts.

The musician quickly went for her to the mountain where they had buried her, then he felt calm.

When the sun rose again, the sound of the trumpet awakened all living beings on earth.

Then the musician's enemies when listening to him felt courage and met again to conspire against the husband of Olofin's daughter.

Ifá will always make those who act with evil pay

At dusk the trumpeter's enemies slipped away and stole the ivory trumpet again, when the musician realized what had happened he ran to find Orula who consulted him again.

This time Ifá was not going to be so soft with the thieves, so the oracle made the musician ebbó and ordered him to take him to the river, saying:

Be patient that your trumpet will appear soon.

Once the trumpeter placed the ebbó in the river, the water from it began to overflow, the trumpet gushing out of it.

The fury of heaven for the malicious works towards the musician was so great that the river in the flood washed away the houses of the good man's enemies, giving them a great lesson.

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