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Eleguá lamp to open paths and stability in the home or business

Lamp for Eleguá

Sometimes we don't need great things to give thanks or make an order, a simple detail from love and faith will be enough.

Although we always offer our Orishas the best we have because they are the ones who walk with us and stay by our side no matter what happens, it is only enough for them that we have love and respect.

The lamps to the Orishas They are very powerful, they provide protection and they give light like a candle, the only difference is that the light is incorporated in the Addimú (offering) that you offer.

In this article I leave you a lamp to the great little Osha, the spoiled child Elegguá. But first, let's reflect ...

The Orisha Eleguá is the one who opens and closes paths for us. Why does he close them?

Remember: If those paths do not suit you and you go the wrong path, he deviates them and obstructs you before something bad happens to you, because he always protects you at every step.

But it also closes them because if you don't respect and don't believe in it, why did you receive it? Do you trust him every other day?

This is not a matter of convenience, but of respect, love, and humility.

Even so, Elegguá always shows you the way, no matter how stubborn you are, and until you learn the lesson, he will send you the same teaching over and over again.

Eleguá is a great teacher, it is up to us to obtain wisdom on the path of life.

Lamp for Eleguá that will bring development and peace to the home or business

Lamp for Eleguá step by step

The lamp does not have any kind of complexity and if you añaGive faith and will resolve by asking and thanking little Elegguá.


  • Dry coconut
  • Cotton
  • Cooking oil
  • Smoked hutia
  • Smoked fish
  • 21 grains of roasted corn
  • Schnapps
  • Tobacco
  • Honey bee
  • 3 cents

How will you make this lamp dedicated to Eleguá?

  1. First you take the coconut and wash it, it is important to cleanse the energies in the fruits of the offerings.
  2. Break the coconut in half, never against the ground, remember that the obi (coconut) is sacred in the Yoruba religion.
  3. Then in both parts of the fruit you add cooking oil.
  4. You put the cotton inside, and you make a kind of candle or wick out of that cotton.
  5. Le añasmoked jutia, smoked fish and 21 grains of roasted corn.
  6. You blow brandy and tobacco smoke to Elegguá and give him knowledge of who you are, give thanks and mention out loud what you are offering him and what you need.

Important: In the photos that I present in this article of the lamp for Eleguá, the coconut does not have the white mass, but in this ritual we will do it without removing the mass.

A powerful lamp for prosperity:

DO NOT forget the main ingredient, your faith and love for the Orisha.

And your lamp to Elegguá is ready!

The same thing that you put in one half of the coconut you will do it in the other part and you light them both.

You will leave it on until it finishes burning the oil, when it finishes completely añagive a little honey.

The next day with three cents of right you go to the bush or forest and leave it there, always thanking, asking from the heart and with great faith what you need.

Many blessings and may the mantle of Eleguá protect our paths in life. Ashé

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