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Powerful Lamp to Yemayá to attract "open roads and prosperity"

Lamp for Yemayá

The mother of all is Yemayá, is a loving, pious, warrior, charitable Orisha and likes to help, as long as she is treated with respect and love.

Yemayá governs the waters of the world and its energy, particularly those of the sea, where the most beautiful and treasured secrets are hidden.

With its waters it cleanses all evil, refreshes your spirit and your mind.

An offering with melon “to the Goddess Yemayá”

Melon for Yemayá
In Cuba it is known as Melon, but it is also called watermelon in other countries

Yemayá is very fond of the delicious Melon, which in other countries is known as watermelon. It is one of his favorites and with this sacred fruit we will make a lamp as an offering to thank him and ask the orisha for development.

We must always put a lot of faith in it, because faith moves everything and is so powerful that without it we will achieve nothing.

Important: If you still do not have Yemayá received, but you adore him, you can do this work in his name and put it on the floor.

Inside your home you can place it in a corner and if you have pets or children at home, it is better to place it in a high place.

You can also do this work in your business, so that the paths, material abundance and prosperity are opened.

Ingredients we need:

  • 1/2 Melon
  • 1 cup of molassesaña
  • 2 cups of cornmeal 
  • Lard
  • 7 leaves of the "always alive" plant, also known as prodigious (like the photo below)
  • Smoked hutia
  • Smoked fish
  • Almonds oil
  • Indigo
  • 1 blue or white candle 
  • Blue cloth
  • 7 cents

Preparation "step by step" of the lamp for Yemayá:

Everlasting plant
Immortelle plant
  1. First you wash the melon, if it is already chopped in half you will only wash its rind and thus eliminate negative energies that it may have.
  2. With the help of a spoon, you will remove all the dough and leave only the rind of the fruit.
  3. You deposit the crust on a white or blue plate as you like and put it at the foot of Yemayá.
  4. Inside the melon you will put a cup of molassesaña, two cups of cornmeal, lard (the more solid the better) and the 7 leaves of "always alive" and with the help of a spoon you mix everything.

Something that I recommend is that you always remove the elements in the right-left direction and in this case you must remove it 7 times.

While stirring, you ask Yemayá for the blessing, you say your name and you give him knowledge of what you are doing in his name so that he helps you and you thank him.

Now añagive smoked jutía, smoked fish, almond oil and the indigo sprinkled, that is in powder, because sometimes it comes in solid blocks.

You introduce the blue or white candle inside, light it and talk with Iyá Yemayá.

  • The candle must be in the middle and not exceed upwards, remember that it is a lamp.

The lamp is ready. Now what should we do?

The first day you leave the candle lit for a while and then light it every day for 7 days that the offering will last.

If, for example, you have more candles and you want to use one every day, it is your choice, otherwise you turn it off every day and the next day you light it again for a little while.

In case you do not have candles for this Lamp for Yemayá, you can use cotton as a wick to light the lamp in the name of Goddess. 

7 Days and to the Sea, so that the waters of Yemayá receive the offering

After 7 days you wrap your lamp in a blue cloth knotted above and you will go to the sea and there you light the candle again, invoke Yemayá and leave him his lamp

You clean yourself and cross yourself with the 7 cents of duty and you throw them into the sea or wherever you leave it.

Yemayá's works are taken to the sea, but if you have received it, you can ask where it wants to go in case you do not have a sea nearby.

In case you have not received it and the sea is not close to you, I recommend you deposit it in an area of ​​nature.

I hope that the blessing of my Guardian Angel who is the one who guides me and the blessing of my Iyá Yemayá will bring you firmness, ease and health.

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