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La Lanchita de Regla ≫ Symbol of spirituality and faith (+ Video)

Boat of Regla Cuba

Crossing the waters we reach our spiritual mother the Virgin of Regla, sailing in that, which is the most famous, fast, cheap and efficient means of transport that crosses the bay of Havana.

The little boat of ReglaAccording to the residents of the capital, it is an unforgettable memory, a symbol of the Cuban capital and of the spirituality and mysticism that surrounds it.

The boat connects Old Havana, the historic center of the city, with the Regla municipality or its town of Casa Blanca and vice versa, crossing the bay in just 5 minutes of travel, in a charming journey.

Crossing the bay in this way has a peculiar charm for Cubans and visitors alike, due to the wonderful views of the sea and the city that can be appreciated.

Visiting the protector of the Bay: The Virgin of Regla

The frequency of each trip to Regla or Casa Blanca is 15 minutes or less and every 30 there is one between the two towns.

Many are those who take this traditional and significant means of transport to visit the Sanctuary that houses the Virgin of Regla in the town of the same name, protector of the waters and syncretized in the Yoruba religion with the great Yemaya, mother of the world and Queen of the Sea.

The route to arrive laden with offerings and with full lips prayers to the arms of the Goddess of the Waters, begins from the historic center, begins in the Emboque de Luz, a beautiful maritime terminal of crystals and metal rebuilt a short time ago to the little boat.

From there you can enjoy beautiful views of the city and the Bay before finally boarding the boat and crossing the blue waters that surround the Wonder City, old Havana.

On the way to Regla, to faith

at 4 o'clockañaThe first little boat leaves and the last one leaves at 12 at night.

The capacity of each boat is 90 people of which up to 30 can ride their bicycles, although often the number admitted is higher.

The price to sail the waters to Regla is very cheap, so practically anyone can board The little boat of Regla and arrive at the Sanctuary dedicated to the Virgin nestled in that town of the same name.

Those who go to Sanctuary of Our Lady of ReglaThey will always find an ally in the Lanchita who will make them the shortest way and the most enjoyable trip, to be able to arrive with good vibes to honor the one who, with its waters, takes away the ailments and ills of the world.

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