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The families of the Orishas and the ties that bind them

Orisha families

The Orishas present different paths, that is, facets of their lives in which they developed in different ways, presenting diverse personalities, characteristics and qualities.

For example, the Orisha Oshun It is characterized by being a seductive, loving and above all vain deity, bearer of great beauty.

However, in many of his paths or "avatars" this deity takes on different personalities, even in some he does not stand out for his joy, such as "Oshún Awé" who appears as a sad and neglected woman who lives afflicted with death ( iku), or on his way "Oshún Ibu Oggale" who is an old and grumpy deity who does not like to be disturbed.

In the same way, family members change, be they children, parents, spouses, because depending on the path, the Orishas form different ties and unions.

This is supported by the legends or Pataki, where in each story it can even confuse us, when the relationships between the Orishas are confusing. The important thing is that we understand that it will always depend on the path.

Family ties of the Orishas:

Eshu family        

Eshú is an Orisha who governs the manifestations of the malevolent and the balance of negative energies on earth. It is the first particle of life created by Olorun. It is indicated that its 201 roads are children of Orunmila.

Eleguá Family

Elegguá is the first protection, the owner of the mountain and the four corners. Warrior and tireless guardian of the savannah and the roads. He is represented with a mischievous, cheating and playful boy, he is a vigilante and decides the fate of all men on earth.

He is the son of Okuboro and Añagui, kings of the Egbá region, which is why his name translates from Yoruba Èsú Elègbará, which means “prince messenger of those who live in Egbá”.

He was also the son of Obbatalá and Yembó, brother of Shangó, Oggún, Osun and the diviner Orunmila.

Oggún's family

Owner of iron and metals, he lives in the mountains, he is a warrior by nature and an excellent hunter. Oggún is the son of Oduduwá, brother of Shangó, Oranmiyán, Oshosi, Osun and Eleguá.

Oshosi family

I always accompanied himaña bow and arrow. He is the Orisha of justice and a great hunter together with Oggun.

In Cuba, Ochosi is considered the son of Obbatalá and Yemú or Yembó, while in Nigeria he is considered the son of Oduduwá (Oddua). He is the husband of Oshún with whom he had Logun Ede.

Osun family

Osun is a warrior along with Eleguá, Ogún and Oshosi, caretakers of the mountains and the roads. He is protector and watchman who warns of dangers, takes care of and protects the head of the believers of religion. He is the son of Obbatalá and Yemú.

Obatalá family

Obatalá is the father of all, caretaker of our thoughts, owner of white and silver. Creator of the world with the Supreme God Olodumare.

He is a direct descendant of Oloddumare and husband of Yemayá. His family relationships vary depending on his paths, he is the husband and father of several Orishas.

Oshún family

Oshún is the gold fish in the rivers, owner of all the fresh waters of the world, maiden of dance and beauty, flirtatious by nature.

She is the daughter of Obbatalá and Yemayá, sister of Oyá and Obbá, was the wife of Oggún, Orula, Oshosi with whom he had Logún Ede and Shangó with whom he had the Jimaguas Talako and Salabí (Ibeyis).

A special friendship relationship binds her to Elegguá, who protects her at all times. In other ways she is Yemayá's sister and Oyá.

Yemayá family

Yemayá is the mother of all, as Obatalá is the father of all. She is the owner of the sea, of the blue, mother of fish and salty waters. Daughter of Olokun, both deities of the sea and oceans.

Wife of several Orishas such as Obbatalá, Orula, Aggayu, Babalú Ayé, Orisha Oko and on one of their roads from Oggún. She is Oshún's inseparable sister. She was the mother of most of the Orishas and raised others, such as the Jimaguas Ibeyis.

Shango's family

Orisha of the drum, the dance and the fire. Owner of lightning and thunder, manly and warrior of great strength. He was the husband of the main Orishas of the Yoruba pantheon, Obba, Oyá and Oshún, many stories show the great seducer and flirtatious that this deity is.

Depending on the path, he is the son of Obbatalá and Oddúa (Oduduwá), or also of Obbatalá and Aggayu Solá or of Obbatalá Ibaíbo and Yembó. He has direct descendants from Oloddumare in some of his avatars. He was raised by Yemayá and Dadá. Dadá's brother, Orunmila, Oggún, Eleggua, Oshosi and Osun.

family Oyá

Oyá She is one of the reckless warriors who lives in the cemetery with Obbá and Yewá. She owns the rainbow, the spark and the whirlpool, she is the air we breathe and cleanses our destiny with her iruke (horse's tail that is a symbol of authority of the Orisha).

This Death Goddess is the daughter of Obbatalá and Yembó. Oggún's wife, Shango and kissed Babalú Ayé for the first time. Sister of Ayaó, and also of Obbá and Yewá, Yemayá and Oshún.

Aggayú Solá family

Aggayú is the giant of Osha, Orisha who owns the volcano and the forces of nature. Master the energy that powers the universe, natural disasters and the interior of the earth.

His power is majestic, he is a boatman on the river, his character is impulsive, angry, like the lava that emanates from an active volcano.

Son of Oroiña, and in some ways father of Shangó and Orungán. Lover of Oshanlá and Yembó.

Babalú Ayé's family

Babalú Ayé is the Orisha of diseases, and the one who protects against death, pandemics and mortal evils. He is highly respected for his strong bond with death. He is a savior and healer, and although much feared, he is very merciful.

Son of Naná Burukú but raised by the orisha Yemayá, he is the brother of Oshumaré and Irokó.

He was a couple of two of the reckless warriors of the cemetery, Oyá, to whom he raised his children, the 9 Eggún and Yewá, although he did not have relations with the latter. Because of her close relationship with Oyá it is linked to death and spirits.

Orisha Oko's family

Deity that represents food, cultivation, agriculture and sowing. In the most difficult terrain it provides abundance and fertility. In the field he represents tillage and plows, among the Orishas he is judge and arbiter between disputes.

He is the son of Obbatalá and Yembó. In the union with his wife Olokun, the owner of the depths of the ocean, both represent the sea and the land, he was the one who revealed that she was a hermaphrodite. He also had love relationships with Yemayá, he was seduced by the orisha and she took away the secret of the yam to give it to her son Shango.

Inle Family

Inle is characterized by his great beauty, he is the doctor of the Osha, healer and healer. Habita on land and water, gathering and fishing. He is a warrior between the rivers and the fish, he represents health, fortune and he is the provider of abundance for men on earth.

He is the son of Obbatalá and Yembó, Abbata's inseparable brother and Oshosi's compadre. He had love affairs with the two waters, Oshún and Yemayá, legend has it that Logun Ede would be the son of Inle and not of Oshosi.

Olokun's family

In the Yoruba religion Olokun represents the greatest mysteries, he is the blue of the depths of the ocean, he is half man and half fish. He lives in the darkest places in the sea where no one has been able to reach.

Provider of prosperity, evolution and above all health, cleanses and blesses with its waters.

Olokun is the husband of Aje Shalunga, Elusú, Olosá, Ikokó, Osara, Boromú, Boronsia, Yembó and Agganá.

He is the Father and Mother of Yemayá, therefore his daughter is the owner of the world's seas.

Yewá family

It is an Orisha that habita in solitude, in the dark and in dark places. In feelings she is reflected as fidelity, chastity and purity.

His link with death is one of the characteristics that most represents it, he lives in the cemetery with the spirits dancing on the graves.

Yewá is the daughter of Obbatalá and Oduduwá and although she always remained a virgin, pure and chaste, she was the companion of Babalú Ayé. She is sister of Oyá and Obba, the three of them are the reckless warriors of the cemetery, orishas who die of darkness.

Obba family

Represents delivery, fidelity and sacrifice, orisha hermitaña, warrior and with a lot of power. She is the one who guards the tombs, has a strong bond with the spirits and is related to the lagoons and lakes.

She is the daughter of Obbatalá and Yembó and a lover of Shangó, because she is such a sacrificial and dedicated woman, she took off one ear for her love for the King of fire and was consequently exiled to the darkness of the cemetery.

She had love affairs with Oggun, the owner of the iron, it was he who made her a warrior and taught her how to fight. Along with her sisters Oyá and Yewá lives in the cemetery, together they are the reckless warrior trilogy.

Osain Family

He is a very important orisha, he is the great sage and connoisseur of all the mysteries that nature contains, its animals, minerals, sticks, herbs and flowers.

Osain is nature, he is the doctor, the fortune teller, the healer of the sick with natural secrets. He is a hunter and owner of the forest and its gifts.

It is Igbamole who came to the world by order of Olodumare the Supreme God. He has a great affinity with the orisha Oshún and with Shango, of whom he is the godfather.

Within the Yoruba legends, he is not lovingly related to any orisha.

Naná Burukú's family

Her name translates to "the great grandmother of evil," but her powers also do good and promote a balance between life and death.

The spirituality that this orisha emanates is mysterious and ancestral, it lives in swamps, rivers and lagoons. It brings strength and power to the heads of men on earth.

 She is the great Mother of Babalú Ayé, Oshumaré and Irokó, Obbatalá's wife.

Iroko's family

Iroko is the deity of wishes, of good and bad, his power habita in the energies of nature.

He lives in the ceiba tree, the sacred tree of religion, there he manifests himself as a spirit among the roots and foliage. His color is white and he is a lookout and protector of walkers.

Iroko is old and wise and his partner is called Abomán and his sister Ondó.

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