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The Orishas' Favorite Fruits: Essential Offerings to Worship Them

Orishas fruits

Fruits are offerings (addimú) preferred by the Orishas, ​​and whoever cares for and loves their Saints makes sacrifices for them and this does not necessarily imply sacrificing animals.

A sacrifice is understood as something material that we use in an offering for them, including food, drinks, fruits, flowers, or identifying attributes.

The powers of nature are attributed to the Orishas of the Yoruba pantheon, and therefore, their representation is also in the fruits.

The Orishas have their representative fruit and preferred to be used as a sacrifice in offerings and addimus.

Offerings of fruits, tokens of appreciation and devotion to the deities

With the Orishas fruits, the person shows his devotion and his faith to the deity and thanks him.

Likewise, the santeros advise that always before offering something to a saint, talk to him and ask if he wants the offering that is intended to be delivered, in addition to thanking him or communicating the problems and dilemmas for which that delivery is made. .

That said, we proceed to the offering of the favorite fruit of each Orisha, often with other religious elements such as corojo butter.

  • Among the addimú to the orishas here we propose some examples, also añaWe gave some rituals with fruits in case you want to perform them.

Coco for all Orishas

The coconut, in addition to being used in numerous spiritual works, can be put to any Orisha for both adimú and ebbó or cleaning.

It is a sacred fruit in the Osha-Ifá Religion, it is used in many ceremonies and it is respected for its great power and energy.

Guavas for Elegguá, the little Giant

Eleggua he adores guavas and is always grateful for the offering of three of these fruits, through the energy of this fruit it opens us the paths and the astrals of happiness.

If we are living a situation of stagnation, we prepare those guavas with cascarilla and corojo butter, and we offer it to him while we explain to the saint the situation that worries us.

If it is an adimú or an offering, we put them in their clay pot or in a jicarita on top of or in front of the Orisha.

  • Below you can see one of the powerful works to the orisha with guava.

Watermelon for Yemayá and Olokungoddesses of the sea

For Yemaya we put seven slices of the fruit and nine for Olokun.

In either case, you can put honey on top of the fruit, which is a food that both deities like very much.

Watermelon helps to refresh and ward off bad energies, calms conflict situations and makes it easier to appease feelings of anger.

Oranges for Oshún, the dancer of the 5 scarves

A Oshun He is entertained with five oranges, or five orange halves, and honey can be poured over it, all this depending on whether it is prohibited in Itá (reading of the past, present and future that the person receives when he becomes a saint).

It is offered mainly as an offering when we need to sweeten something or go through a difficult situation.

Oshún with the sweetness of its fruits and its honey makes our lives happy and gives us much abundance.

What fruit does Shango like? Bananas for the king of the candle

A Shango He likes small plantains called Plátano Manzano as an offering and they can be put on any occasion.

The king of fire and drum, with his strength helps us to cope with difficult situations and keeps us strong to face obstacles.

Aggayú Solá the giant of Osha, also loves Indian bananas, you can see a work in his name below.

Granada for Obbatalá and Oyá

A Obatala we will put eight grenades, while Oyá we will offer you nine.

The fruits are simply washed with water and dried with a clean cloth. Among the favorite fruits of Oyá there is also the eggplant.

Both deities give us strength, balance and well-being.

Obatalá with his blessing gives us health and peace, everything we need in this life. Oyá, reckless warrior, protects us from death and balances life for us.

Cherimoya and Soursop (white fruits) for Obbatalá

You can put eight of these fruits whole or eight halves.

These fruits are put on any occasion and are excellent when purification problems appear.

Obatalá is the father of all, his are the white fruits, an offering in his name will be made in gratitude for the health we have every day, for everything we have, for the family and for emerging victorious from the adversities of life.

Fruits of the Orishas: A delicacy for the gods

Many of the fruits are shared for various Orishas as we can see below:

OshunCanistel, peach, grapefruit, tangerine                                    
Elegguá, Ibeyis and OyáRaspberry and strawberry                        
ShangoMamey from Santo Domingo, red apple                                            
ObatalaWhite apple                                                   
Obatala, OdduaPear                                                       
Obatalá, Oddúa and OshosiWhite grape 
YemayaBlack grape                                           
OyáRed grape 

The fruits of the African deities and their name in Yoruba

We also present the fruits of the Orishas ordered by their name in Yoruba, starting with the coconut, a sacred fruit in the Yoruba religion that is given to all deities.

Adimú Asogí (Fruits) FroutesOrishas
Obi             CocoAll the orishas
Agbon Dry coconutElegguá and all the orishas
Agbon Green coconut  Babalu Aye
Arere Anon   Obatala
Ata  Chili pepperElegguá, Oggún, Shango
bara agbeyeWater melon (red melon, watermelon)Yemaya, Olokun
bara egure Castile melonOshun
bara ifinWhite melonObatala
egboiboPineapple Oggun, Aggayu
eko omondéSoursop Obatala, Oddua
Emi Mamey          Shango
Gberefu                                  Breadfruit     Obatala, Oddua, Aggayu
WowGuava Elegguá, Nana Burukú
Ibepe Bomba fruitOyá, Oba
IrekeCaña       Eleggua, Ogun
Iyeye                                         Hobo, Jobo or Yuplon (plum)      Shango
Kaju                                         Cashew      Shango, Oshún, Ibeyis
Nekigbe                                      Sapote (Medlar)    Obatala, Ibeyis
ogede pukpa                           Indian banana   Shango and Oyá
ogede                                        Banana      Yemayá, Eleggua, Ibeyis, Oshun
ogedé agbagba                        Plantain      Oggun, Aggayu
Okika                                            Plum        Shango, Elegguá
Omoila                                        Baby       Elegua, Ibeyis
Opted                                           FIG            Inle, Oddua
Gold                                                Mango         Oshun, Ibeyis
oroko                                            Granada      Obatala, Shango, Oyá
Orombo                                          Orange        Oshun
pitanga                                       Cherry        Eleggua, Ibeyis, Oyá 

Above all, we must understand that offerings, whether they be fruits or other foods, must be given with respect, what is offered from the heart, with faith and gratitude will not only help us grow spiritually, but will bring us even closer to the blessing of our Orishas.

Offerings and rituals on behalf of the Orishas with Fruits:

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