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The Daughters of Oshun, Yemayá and Oyá are they witches? Why?

The daughters of Oshún are witches

Since ancient times, people who had the energy to do good or evil, to help or destroy were called "witches."

In our Osha-Ifá religion The energies of the Orishas offer many the magical gift of helping others and our Egguns also guide us and give clairvoyance, others are made healers, or divines through the oracles and thus each one unfolds in that spiritual world.

This gift arises in each person in a different way, some are born with that virtue and others discover it when they are crowned Osha, it also depends on the orisha that crowns and the path that the deity marks.

I have known cases that clearly possess this gift since childhood, but I have also met people who when they were crowned were amazed at their ability to consult. It may also be that they always had that gift, but it was asleep or hidden.

But it strikes me that in the Yoruba religion it has become fashionable to label consecrated people, and because he is the son of a particular Orisha they attribute certain characteristics to him.

My opinion is that this is not correct nor is it a reason to qualify a religious, and on my way at Osha I have heard many older people think the same. But this is just my opinion.


Are the daughters of Oshún witches?

Children of Oshún

The Olò Oshun they are part of that magical world that surrounds and characterizes them around the energy of their mother.

All his children have something of witches and white magic, those good magics that do not hurt and serve to unite without destroying, to attract and open paths of prosperity, health and love.

But there are also those who do harm and practice black magic.

How are the Olò Oshún witches?

The children of the goddess Oshún from their mother's womb are destined almost all to have the gift of being able to communicate with spirits, they already come with that intuitive force.

Within them lives an incessant power of charm that is natural, there is no person who can resist them and they are the authentic representation of witches.

They have a great ability to know how to handle strong energies, be they positive or negative and thus put them in your favor.

In addition, their clairvoyance stands out and they have a great ability to understand the deepest and most hidden thoughts and desires of others.

The Olò Oshún are very observant, but we can not engañaWe are sorry for that, because behind that great calm that they can have at a certain moment, strong people of character are hidden and they can become cold.

The ways of Oshún that manifest their Witch power

Oshún as Orisha is the seduction of love, the happy, beautiful goddess, intense in her feelings and irresistible, and in her 38 ways she has different qualities and characteristics.

To give a clear example, Oshun Kole Kole She is the greatest witch and practices spells and spells to act evil, however, Oshun Ibu Akuaro It never hurts, it is the greatest of the healers and it does not hurt anyone.

This shows us that in the different avatars, Oshún is a goddess with different qualities, so we cannot define her in a single way.

Now, we cannot ignore the determined Oni Yemayá and the brave Olò on this issue. Oyá Why are they also considered witches?

Are the Daughters of Mother Yemayá witches?

How are the children of Yemayá

The Oni Yemaya They are sensitive and protective like little witches, they carry a very strong intuition inside and this allows them to predict things before they happen.

They are usually experts in healing with herbs and medicinal remedies.

They shine with their own light, they are very focused and inspire everyone by their perseverance, they usually solve the spiritual situations of others first and then theirs.

They have no fixed time or schedule when you approach them with a problem and they sit down to listen to you and solve it.

Yemayá's qualities and her ways as a witch

Yemayá is the Universal mother, the queen of the seas, she is loving, maternal, protects her children but can also be severe when it comes to teaching and punishing.

The goddess Yemayá is usually a good diviner and says the pataki that she learned to guess when she watched over her husband Orunmila while he consulted the oracle.

And she was so good at consulting that Orunmila agreed with her that he would continue to use the ékuele and she would use the cowries instead.

Yemayá has 26 different paths in which it adopts different characteristics, for example:

  • Yemaya Mayalewo She is said to be the most powerful witch and does all kinds of jobs, yet
  • Yemayá Akuara She is only a healer and does not usually work evil.

Are the daughters of the Warrior Oyá witches?

Son of Oyá

The Olò Oyá They are very safe when they consult you, their intuition is overwhelming, they can send you their spirits to help you at a certain time.

Always, without fear of being wrong, they have a whole court of spirits of all places and characteristics.

When it comes time to consult, they try to go beyond what you were looking for, they are like the same wind moving fast and looking inside you for new things that you keep and can be useful for your situation and spiritual growth.

They are very responsible and serious, they keep knowledge and a lot of mastery that they use to help many people.

They are always connected with the spirits, who always guide them.

They are wise witches creating amulets of protection, also intuitive and usually know in advance the intentions of others at the same time they know them.

They are mysterious and very good, but be careful with being dishonest because they do not forgive and their winds become real hurtful whirlwinds.

Oyá and her mighty witch ways

She is the Orisha who governs the Egguns, the sovereign of the four winds, the owner of the cemetery, she is noble, but can be violent, strong, faultless, tenacious, indomitable, firm, loving, wise, protective and defends her children.

Oyá has 23 paths, for example:

Oyá Awana She is a very old woman with a great gift of clairvoyance, she is a skilled connoisseur of magic and strong witchcraft.

Instead, Oyá Aya Dumi She is an expert in the art of divination, and in general, if you read all the paths of Yanzá you will realize that they are related to the borders between the world of the dead and life.

We all have a unique and special Ashé in Osha!

Therefore, no one is equal to anyone, those consecrated in the Osha are similar, we share spirituality and energy, the protection of the deities, but we are not equal because we have the same tutelary orisha, just as no Orisha is equal to another.

Even some of the Oni Shango are also good at divination and clairvoyance, such as the sons of Obá, Yewá, Elegguá, Oshosi, Oggún, Babalú Ayé, Aggayú and many more.

So, for this reason, I am of the opinion that NOT only the Olò Oshún are sorcerers, that gift and virtue are shared by many religious.

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