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Spiritual Masses and Protective Spirits

Protective and mocking spirits

Many times we wonder what spirits are, which are protectors and which are not, why are they still with us, these types of questions disturb us because many times we do not believe what we do not see.

The spirit is a fluid that is by our side, it attaches itself to those things that it liked so much on land, some to the house, to the armchair where they sat, to a relative, and thus they remain with us on the earthly plane.

A spirit is a superior force, therefore, it is not governed, it belongs to energies of another astral in which we the living cannot intercede.

As a spiritualist, I am of the idea that the spirit must be educated, not governed, this means that when the spirits manifest themselves and behave badly (proliferating bad words, hitting each other, destroying everything, throwing themselves to the ground) you educate them by making them see what They are: "spirits", who must get rid of everything they did in life and who use a body that is not theirs (horse) and are mistreating it. 

The protective spirits

Don't try to engañaFor a spirit, it is impossible for you to do it because he is in the world of the dead. Before you sit down and tell him about your situation, he already knows it, and they ask me: but if he knows it, why doesn't he prevent what hurts me?

The problem is in you, sit down and talk to him, if you have to cry cry, if something bothers you tell him, but never reproach him, or offend him, that spirit does not want you to be afraid of him, he has come to your life to help you, to instruct you and guide you on the path of good. Give light in the spiritual vault and assist him to rise.  

Light and mocking spirits

Through spiritual masses we are able to establish a connection with the spirits that assist us, whether they are deceased relatives, ancestors and ancestors who have departed from the earthly plane. It is also a space for links to meet our protective spirits.

In a spiritual mass, light and mocking spirits are also manifested that amuse themselves by telling us lies so that we believe them.

That is why the people who give a mass must be chosen well so that they expel those spirits and have no place in them.

In a mass these types of spirits play with us, they may give you details at your convenience to confuse you, but in reality they only manipulate you.

Formal spirits, on the other hand, make you anticipate what will happen, they warn you, they alert you, they give advice on how you can foresee such events, but they almost never give you details, they do not determine time like we live.

Spiritual Masses

The religious person who attends the masses must know what to do when a spirit bothers you, if the spiritist asks their spirits for prudence they will never tell a lie.

Spiritualists must be aware and apply love of neighbor, because the people who are going to consult do so because of problems and delicate situations in their lives, there are very few who come out of curiosity. Let's learn to distinguish what is right and what is wrong.

The prudent and the just always go hand in hand, and as good religious we must understand this. Blessings for all.

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