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Ejiogbe: What happened when women got sick from working so much?

Women in Ejiogbe

In Ejiogbe, the men did not work, and the women were in charge of finding sustenance for the home and also carrying out all the housework.

These, tired of not having even a day of rest, went to the house of orunmila for the great soothsayer to help them change their luck.

Pataki where Women felt exploited by Men

When the women found themselves in the presence of Orunmila, they told her that they did not want to return to their homes because their husbands exploited them, denying them rest, so they felt enslaved.

Orula consulted them and marked them the realization of an ebbó so that they could obtain what they deserved so much.

After the ebbó was carried out, the women returned to their homes.

to the mañaThe next day the women woke up sick, they couldn't even get out of bed.

Their husbands then thought that Orula had deliberately made them ill so that they could not work.

When they saw that their husbands wanted to retaliate against Orunmila, they told them that his illness had been caused by Olodumare, because they knew that they did not have the power to attend his kingdom and interview him.

Women change their luck thanks to ebbó and Orula's help

The husbands, seeing that their wives were in the same conditions, decided to meet and go together to a doctor's house so that he could explain what was happening.

The doctor told his visitors that their wives' ailment would be cured in a week at the latest.

They left, pleased with the doctor's explanations, very happy to go home.

During the week, the women were in a worse state of health.

Food was already in short supply, so men had to start working to find sustenance from home.

In this way, the men began to work and the women were able to rest peacefully at home.

Ifá councils in the odun Ejiogbe

For this reason, the person who registers with Orunmila is a hard worker, becoming the breadwinner for the home.

  • Ifá advises you not to assume responsibilities that do not correspond to you, because in case this happens, ingratitude will be the payment.

In Ejiogbe, the person is recommended to form a family with a partner who supports him in all life projects, as this sign warns of exploitation and marital and family slavery.

The person who has this sign must seek their independence so as not to have to depend on anyone on Mother's Day.añana. 

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