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Offerings to the Orishas are also consulted

Offerings to the Orishas

From my own experience I have decided to write about this topic, perhaps many people have doubts about the works and offerings to the Orishas.

I was one of those who without asking for anything from my Saints, I made offerings to them, I would put on everything I thought about and that is how I supposed they were comfortable.

One day my godmother saw me and asked why all my Orishas had adimuses (offerings) on and I answered that because they wanted.

  • My intrigued godmother asked me again:
  • Did you ask them? And I answered no; then she laughs and says:
  • "Then it is you who wanted, not them"

Today I remember that teaching fondly, but that day I got angry because I did not understand that sometimes, even if you give a lot, it is not the best. 

The balance between giving and receiving

We all like that our Saints have abundance and offerings, they will also like it, but today I have already verified that no matter how great the offer, their response will not be greater.

Our Orishas are not tradable, it does not work like "you give me and I give you."

If a Saint wants something to be offered to him, he should be asked and he will say what offer he wants.

My intention can be very good, but if I don't ask my Saint I can run the risk of giving something that he doesn't like. It may be that my Oshun today wants 5 sunflowers, but mañaI don't want 5 oranges.

It is very important to know what each of our Saints like, their ewes (herbs) and what they don't like.

It is not the same to adore them, to maintain continuous communication with them and to respect them, than to put things in them that they do not ask of us.

Decisions are also consulted:

In the Rule of Osha (Santeria) the rules exist and are already created, so we must give continuity and abide by them as they are.

It is not what we want, it is what the Orishas decide.

Each santero treats his Saints in different ways, but it should always be with respect.

Many greet him every day when they get up and ask for his blessing, others never do, I have seen Eleggúa with a loomañas and even so the little giant works (provides Ashé), I respect each religious and I prefer to attend to my Orishas with love, faith and humility because I owe myself to them.

What your Orishas want as an offering also depends on the path you have and what they have expressed through the oracle, the offering will be to their liking and according to your possibilities.

May the blessing of Olofin, Olorun and Oloddumare always be with us.

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