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The saints most revered by Cubans

Santas of Cuba

The people of Cuba are considered to have unwavering faith in numerous Creole deities, the results of syncretic processes and a rich transculturation that has strengthened the island's religious and cultural roots.

Some are highly revered as saints and Orishas, ​​as patrons and protectors of the Cuban people, for their legends and powers to bless.

Santas very loved and adored in Cuba:

Next, we comment a little about the three saints most revered by Cubans:

Virgin of Charity of Copper

Our Lady of Charity

The patron saint of Cuba, Cachita, the Virgin Mambisa, the one who came by sea to bless all the Cuban people with her light, that is the Caridad del Cobre.

The Virgin syncretizes in Yoruba religion and Afro-Cuban culture with Oshun, queen of the sweet waters of the world, mother and mermaid of crystalline waters of streams, springs and rivers, and Yoruba goddess of love.

Both are venerated in the Sanctuary in their honor in Santiago de Cuba, located at the top of Cerro de Maboa, 27 kilometers from the city of Santiago de Cuba and today a Cuban religious and cultural symbol.

His day is September 8, and devotees come to the sanctuary and all the churches to thank his infinite blessings.

Cubans make promises to her and ask her for protection, health and prosperity. And those prayers are dispersed by thousands of altars throughout Cuba.

Each one entertains her in their own way and mixing Catholic and African cults with sunflowers, candles, offerings of food and shiny and golden objects, in honor of the color that represents them, yellow.  

Virgin of Regla

Our Lady of Regla

The queen of the waters and protector of the bay, patron of the municipality of Regla and symbol of that Havana town, that is the Virgin of Regla, adored for hundreds of years by the sailors who went to sea.

The Virgin of Regla syncretizes with the powerful Orisha Yemaya, the owner of the sea, blue mother of ocean fish, goddess of fertility and protector of pregnant women and women.

Legend has it that the origin of the town that bears his name is linked to his cult and the existence of the Sanctuary of the Virgin of Regla, around which houses were built and little by little the town was formed, a town built on the basis of the faith and sheltered ever since by the love of the deities.

The devotees are there today to ask the Virgin of Regla and the goddess Yemayá for their blessings and to implore their protection against diseases and problems, and, above all, ask her permission to cross its waters. But they also worship her on numerous altars and in the waters of the sea.

It is a tradition in Regla, to dedicate offerings to the one who blesses the community and thus they bring thousands of different offerings of flower baskets, addimús (offerings), candles, which are deposited in the Sanctuary or in the waves of the bay. Every September 7, the day of both the saint and the Orisha is celebrated with great fervor, love and faith.

Santa Barbara

Santa Barbara Day

Santa Bárbara Bendita, the goddess of strength, the firm protector of all Cubans, the miraculous saint who unfolds her mantle to take away all difficulties.

Santa Barbara syncretizes in the Yoruba religion with Monkey, Orisha of thunder, and one of the Yoruba deities most revered by Cubans for being also lord of the fortress and warrior by nature. Protective father who with his ax removes the barriers that his children cross their path.

Cubans ask them for protection and help to get ahead and, above all, strength and will to face the obstacles that life imposes.

Many venerate them in their homes with an image or a personal altar and worship and deliver offerings, light candles and prepare addimus in that mixture of cults so usual in Cuba.

From Santa Barbara, her devotees ask for strength and protection against injustice, they cry out for her before embarking on new horizons or facing a desperate situation.

On Santa Bárbara Day, every December 4, her devotees go to the National Shrine dedicated to the saint, located in the Párraga neighborhood, in the municipality of Arroyo Naranjo, to venerate her and pay her devotion.

But in the Cuban altars of each home, intense reds, candles, red roses and an image of the powerful goddess of lightning predominate.

And although there are many other very beloved Saints, such as the Virgen de las Mercedes who advocates for justice and peace, Santa Teresita del Niño Jesús or Santa Clara de Asís, today we wanted to venerate the Patron Saint of Cuba, the black saint. de Regla and the owner of Rayo, Santa Bárbara Bendita.

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