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Cult and veneration of Leocadia and Taita José in Cuba: Their History

Leocadia and Taita José

Cuba is an island rich in customs and traditions, is bañagiven in unison by the influence of many cultures, today it stands as a paradigm for devotees, since multiple religions converge among its streets.

The Star of 7 Points and 7 Colors, spiritual amulet against sorcery

Tomb of Leocadia Pérez Herrera
Tomb of Leocadia Pérez Herrera

The Seven Pointed Star and Seven Colors it is the symbol that identified the spiritist work of Leocadia Pérez Herrera and her spiritual guide Taita José, a representation that has accompanied themañado even beyond death.

This peculiar star was not only engraved on the tomb where Leocadia's mortal remains rest, its devotees carry it with them as a protective amulet against sorcery and the evil eye.

Who was Leocadia?

Leocadia Perez Herrera
Leocadia Perez Herrera

Leocadia was a devoted practitioner of crusader spiritism in Havana, he was born on December 9, 1893 in Güines, today that we are close to the 127th anniversary of his birth, we remember his legacy which is still alive among Cubans.

This spiritualist A spirit called José passed by, who through works and ceremonies performed miracles, his only sources of invocation being water, flowers and perfume.

The charitable work of this woman was vast, as she provided religious services to many people free of charge, with the same pleasure with which she served other famous figures in Cuban history who requested her services.

Leocadia died at the age of 70 old on June 3, 1963, she was buried in a bronze coffin in the Capital Cristóbal Colón Necropolis. Her tomb is today one of the most visited in the cemetery.

Years after her physical departure, a temple was built to venerate her, which was located on Santa Beatriz street, no. 52 in Vibora, Havana.

Let's keep in mind that although this is the information that appears on the internet about the construction of the temple, according to Carlos, a reader of our magazine, tells us:

The temple was built while he was alive next to his new house, in 1962 it was expropriated, like everything else in Cuba, today there is nothing left, not even his house, which we Cubans did not know how to appreciate, it was sold and now it belongs to another family.- (It's sad, every day that memory passes is lost more and everything is left behind).-

The mysterious portrait by Taita José

The popular cult tells that Taita José was presented to a painter who was in charge of representing him in a portrait, some sources affirm that the plastic artist was blind, a condition that did not prevent him from reflecting the face of the slave on a canvas, the same canvas that presided over the séances at his horse's house (the term for the spiritualist who passes by dead).

The representation of Joseph accompanied Leocadia to the sepulcher, it is said that minutes before entering the interior of the pantheon the image partially vanished from the painting.

The Veneration of his Pantheon

Many are the people who go daily to visit his grave in the Colón Cemetery. The devotees bring him offerings, pay their promises and ask for help from both spirits to emerge unscathed from the evils that threaten them and overcome great obstacles with their blessing.

This pantheon is the second most visited within the Necropolis, its resting place is distinguished from others by being covered with flowers and offerings.

On March 19, the day on which the saint's day of San José is celebrated, the religious gather there as every year, in order to offer a violin in homage to these spirits to thank them for the favors obtained.

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