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The Lion played Dead to defeat the other animals in Obge Osa

Lion in Ogbe Osa

In this pataki born in the odun Obge Osa, the lion was the king of the jungle imposing his rule on the rest of the animals. 

The lion had a very strong character, a fact that the deer did not like very much, so he decided to change the course of events and propose himself as king when the lion died.

Pataki where the deer wanted to take the lion's crown

The deer planned to maintain order in the kingdom by deciding things unanimously by permanently eliminating hierarchies, a reality that displeased the king. 

When he saw himself in danger, he decided to develop a plan where he would pretend to be dead in order to take advantage of his wake to assassinate his opponent.

to the mañanext the lion did not get up from his bed pretending to be dead

When the news of the king's death spread, his subjects began to prepare the wake and little by little the animals came closer to offer their condolences.

Orula marks an ebbó to avoid osogbos and dangers

The deer who had differences with the lion decided to go to the foot of orula before making an appearance at the lion's wake.

The Oracle of Ifá consulted him by marking him the odun Ogbe Osa, a letter that spoke to him of instability and danger. 

Advising him to carry out an ebbó to avoid the arrival of these osogbos in his life.

The deer performed the ebbó and then left for the lion's funeral.

Play dead to see the burial they do for you!

Upon reaching the venue where the event was taking place, he observed a lot of commotion, little by little he approached the lion and began to look at him in detail, realizing that he was still breathing subtly. 

He quickly realized that the king was alive and that the funeral was the trap that Ifá warned him about, escaping from the place before the lion could attack him.

In this way the deer saved his life.

Ifá Tips for the Odun Ogbe Osa.

This odun marks betrayal and power war between two people. 

For this Ifá the person is prone to betrayal so it is necessary to be alert. 

The occurrence of some event that endangers the life of the individual in question could even be considered.

Ogbe Osa talks about changes and unstable events so unfinished business cannot be left out of hand.

By this letter the religious is warned that an ambush is being plotted against him, since the person was born to be a leader and his opponents fear him for that.

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