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Letter of the year 2023 according to the Casona de Diez de Octubre in Cuba

Letter 2023 Tenth of October

The Organizing Commission of the letter of the year in Diez de Octubre announced on January 1, 2023 the ruling Ifá odun, the ruling Orishas, ​​the corresponding advice and rituals to perform so that this new year brings peace and prosperity to all the religious of Cuba and the world.

  • Odun regent: Ogunda Mass
  • Ruling divinity: Yemaya
  • accompanying deityañaMarketplace: Orisha Oko
  • Flag: blue with pink trim
  • First witness: Oshe niwo
  • second witness: Irete Kutan

Said Letter, drawn in the house of Diez de Octubre, transmitted to humanity through the regent odun Ogunda Masa a truth that had been unknown for a long time, Ifá says that in union there is strength, it is recommended this year:

  • Strengthen ties with familyboth biological and religious.
  • Seek support in the face of adversity and not face problems alone, because whenever there is a friendly hand it must be sustained, a single stick does not make a mountain, but several people fighting the same battle will undoubtedly win the war.

Regent Orishas in the Letter of the year 2023

The ruling divinity during this 2023 is Yemayá the mother of the world, deity of the ocean, the reef and just causes. This Orisha will be accompaniedañaday of Orisha Oko ruling divinity of agriculture, represented through the image of the farmer.

It is recommended that the religious community seek support in both Orishas, offer them addimú and pray for them. This will be the propitious year according to the possibilities of each religious to receive Orisha Oko if he does not possess it.

This year's flag and colors

This year's flag will be blue with pink trim. In honor of Yemayá and Orisha Oko, attention to Eggun will be essential this year, since it is important to emphasize that the saint does not exist without the presence of the dead.

  • Your service will be offered and añawill say in the spiritual vault a curujey plant, whose mission will be to attract the power of Eggun on earth and call the spirits to carry out their work and obtain light, strength and development.

Ifá signs witnesses

The first witness of the letter of the year is the sign Oshe Niwo, where the realization of sacrifices and the ancient proverb that affirms out of sight, out of mind, augurs for the next twelve months traps and indolence on the path of life.

Irete Kutan will be the second witness of Ifá, in this odun the undertaker of the family speaks, losses within the family nucleus, it will be essential this year to feed the earth by offering a great tribute mainly of fruits, viands and ministers.

Ifá predicts for this 2023 problems and tragedies in stability of the family product of disobedience, where Oggún will provide the go and ratify the importance of thinking before acting and knowing how to listen to the elders so as not to make bad decisions.

  • This year fresh offerings will be offered to the Orishas, ​​especially to Oggun, Oshosi, Yemayá and Orisha Oko.

Learn more about the Osha and the Letter of the Year:

This year several religious letters have been issued in the world, which has created conflict and discussion, causing disunity among religious, when Ifá arrives precisely reminding us that in «La unity is strength«. Let us be wise, let us be observers, let us analyze, let us not get carried away by the current and by the anger that is born from foolish hearts, let us trust in the Orishas. Blessings.

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