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3 Predictions and advice of the Letter of the Year 2022 for Cuba and the world

Letter year 2022

Good health at the foot of Odúa It is the prophecy that Orunmila gives to the world the Oracle of Ifá through the letter of the year for this 2022.

Period in which luck again smiles on the religious, rewarding them with the invaluable happiness of continuing to live on the plane of the earth.

This year Obatalá will be the main ruling Orisha, a fact that makes clear the need for obedience and perseverance to succeed in life.

The ruling sign during this 2022 is Baba Ejiogbe, I accompanied himañaran:

  • Ogunda Biogde and Ofun Nalbe, witness letters through which advice will be offered to make the new year a more prosperous and happy period.

Oshun and Oshanla accompaniedañaThey will attend Obatalá during his mandate, deities that will come to bring wisdom and happiness to the peace that the holy owner of all heads will offer to the world.

1. What will be the main health problems for the new year?

  • The fluidity of the river water,
  • the blood and
  • lymph:

They are phenomena that will be present during this new year, thus warning that the diseases that will predominate will be those related to the hemolymphopoietic system.

The pathologies concerning immunological disorders will be present, accompanied in turn by ailments that will see their etiology in nutritional deficiencies.

2. Patience and respect are the tools that allow consensus

In 2022 there will be a boom regarding migrations, as human beings and animals will move in search of better living conditions, so that cities will become more and more cosmopolitan, with a greater number of languages ​​being spoken every day.

The letter of the year warns that humanity will continue to undergo unexpected changes where the existence of debates based on unequal criteria will be the order of the day.

A phenomenon that must be handled with patience and respect, as these are the only tools capable of allowing consensus to be reached.

Violence will not lead to anything good, this year conflicts must be avoided at all costs.

3. Eggún will be a pillar in the life of the religious during 2022

Eggún's spirituality and doctrine will be essential to achieve a bearable 2022, where messages from the dead will be an essential pillar for life.

All religious houses should give careful attention to the Eggunes and try by all means to perform various spiritual Masses during the year.

We share some advice from the Oddun of Ifá:

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