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Letter of the year 2020 for Cuba and the world

regent orisha Oshun

The letter of the year is a faithful religious tradition on the island and Cubans eagerly await these predictions every year. The lyrics, currently issued by the Yoruba Cultural Association of Cuba, functions as a powerful guide, which the most devotees follow with faith to achieve greater development, firmness and health in their lives.

Undoubtedly, these recommendations and advice that we receive just at the beginning of the year, when new cycles open and close for everyone and we always look forward to all the best, help us maintain balance and harmony, also taking into account the negative aspects that can affect our life and environment.

The annual letter also predicts the deities that govern each year, which gives us a breath of faith and hope, knowing that the powerful protection of the Orishas accompanies us.aña it is a divine gift. In addition, it warns about various negative situations that can directly affect us or trigger some type of crisis, whether on a personal or social level.

It is also important to mention that the Association it emits letters every year in different countries, so these can vary adapting to the different current realities.

Ifá predictions of the Yoruba Cultural Association of Cuba:

La Yoruba Cultural Association of Cuba warns about the possible diseases that can be triggered with greater intensity in this period, as well as various social situations that may develop in our environment, to finalize some recommendations that will serve as a guide to good behavior for each Cuban and believers around the world.

Diseases that must increase your index:

  • Serious neurological and mental illnesses.
  • Liver diseases due to the increase in alcoholic beverages.
  • Poisoning from eating food in poor condition or poorly prepared.
  • Increase and disorders of diseases of the lower abdomen with danger of surgical interventions.

Events of social interest:

  • Increase in crime.
  • Increase in infectious diseases due to promiscuity.
  • High robbery rate, increased embezzlement and violence.
  • Dismissal of a government caused by a coup or intervention by an army.
  • Genetic crosses that lead to the discovery of new species.
  • Congenital malformations due to the union of different blood groups.
  • Death of the elderly and high personalities of the world.
  • Proliferation of epidemics due to poor hygiene and social indiscipline.
  • Warns of the increase in the consumption of alcoholic beverages, drugs and narcotics.
  • Breakdown of the traditional Cuban family due to promiscuity, lack of authority, and loss of values.

Recommendations for this year:

  • Be tolerant and patient in interpersonal relationships.
  • Avoid infidelity and promiscuity due to the risk of death.
  • Pay attention to the business issue to avoid fraud, embezzlement, deception and adultery.
  • Breakdown and violations of trade agreements.
  • Avoid the participation of children in matters of elders.
  • It should not be misappropriated due to legal consequences.
  • Avoid traveling through areas prone to assaults and rapes.
  • Constant sacrifices to Eshu and Eleggua are recommended to avoid greater evils.
  • It is recommended to fill in religious debts.
  • Weather irregularities will continue, especially surprise phenomena.
  • Religious training is recommended for all religious.
  • Go to your sponsor's home for detailed, personal and religious guidance.
  • Be careful with pork, making sure of its origin, also avoiding its breeding in inappropriate places.
  • Take care of the commercial aspect due to fraud, embezzlement, theft and acts of violence.
  • Marital violence with dangerous repercussions on the stability of the children in particular, and the family in general.

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